Should Purutaurus have no escape, and if so can Carnotarkus get it?

Should Purutaurus have no escape, and if so can Carnotarkus get it?
Purutaurus gained the new no escape ability it inherited from Purussaurus even though it is no longer crocodilian, which is very frustrating for people who face the greater rending counter attack.

Should Carnotarkus inherit this also?

I think it should. Purutaurus is slowly creeping up to Carnotar in terms of usability, and it doesn’t make sense since Wuerho isn’t easy to come by for many people.


I don’t think that Puru should have No Escape. He was already strong enough for an epic hybrid.

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She should definitely have it as well in my opinion.


I don’t think Purutaurus needs it. Besides, it doesn’t really suit the design. Purutaurus is clearly stated to be a theropod in its description.

Does Purrolyth have No Escape too?

Yes. It is one of the precursor ingredients for Grypolyth

It’s a theropod too. I suppose they could just have the ability as a result of crocodile ancestry. Carnotarkus doesn’t reflect it’s crocodile ancestry as much as Purutaurus, but it would make sense for them both to have it since Tarkus is supposed to improve on Purutaurus.
I think either both or none of them should have it.


As far as I can tell Carnotarkus is a made up creature. So I guess some can claim it is crocodilian in nature. Based on whatever artist rendering we are given we know it has webbed feet and a snout that looks capable of allowing for a low profile under water. It does semi look like a fat crocodile, so who knows what skill it could have.

It turns out Purutaurus does have no escape lockdown. Wasn’t mentioned in notes though

Yes it was mentioned in the notes.

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Oh I guess I didn’t notice that, sorry

Purutaurus is still crocodilian. Carnotarkus is not crocodilian. Carnotarkus is a stegosaur.


I still have Carnotarkus PTSD from the last legendary tournament, pls no

I’m sad tarkus didn’t get it.

I’m talking about the in-game description. It says that Purutaurus is, in fact, a theropod.

Well purrataurus is on my team along with Sarco. Should be interesting how it pans out

Yeah and ludia also gave a constrictor venom fangs. They don’t know what their creatures are.

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The titan boa gen 2 doesn’t seem to have fangs. Have you seen the Titanboa epic, does that one have fangs? @MikkoAmour

Whether or not they have fangs, their attack animations imply the presence of fangs. I’m talking about the energy jaws that appear in the air in front of them when they’re attacking.
They’re especially conspicuous during a critical hit.