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Should raised characters have abilities re-readied?

Uncertain whether to post this in bugs, suggestions or general discussion.

I’ve noticed that when a hero has death ward and is raised (or any creature, for that matter), they retain their position in initiative order. So something of the old carries across when it comes to turns.

I feel like the same should be for their abilities - i.e. if they have already used an ability, then die, and are revived, that ability should remain used until the requisite turns are passed. They aren’t having their best self being revived - they are having their old self revived, including the used abilities.


Interesting thought. When the opportunity arises I attempt to get particular heroes killed to re-ready his/her abilities. If this option were removed I would have much greater difficulty with some challenges. I do not think this is a bug (I think revived character in D&D have spells readied - Feel free to correct me if i am wrong)

I see where you are coming from, but based on the fact this change would be another added impediment to impair my experience I need to disagree with this change. I don’t need Ludia to [expletive] me again.