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Should regeneration be nerfed as well

As of 1.11 ludia have said that they will nerf regen and run so that dinos like Eddie, it’s hybrid and paramol can’t use it to by pass the lockdown effect from swapping in or moves like pinning strike or immobilize. Yet Dig-in, and regeneration are allowed to cleanse anything. I think if they removed it help a lot not only to the draco problem but the mini-ratotops as well as you can just swap-in strike/rend then regen/ dig-in the swap out I think like superiority it should cleanse just one thing say bleed or vulnerability.

Creatures that would be affected


I think it should be regen without the cleansing. Yes they can regen their health, however they cannot cleanse lockdown in order to swap in.


Looks like superiority strike again.


Lol ya basically except it speed up them mini rats and now the mammoth is gonna have it too so

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Exactly what the use of a lockdown that doesn’t lock down now there can be the argument that prowls both shouldn’t have clears now the difference here is prowl doesn’t regen health or speed you up ur still the same speed and health but now have a chance to dodge but again it’s not guaranteed. Meanwhile regen basically laughs at it ur opponents efforts to kill you and undoes all there work and dig basically Can allow monostego to be faster a than freaking indo and with a guaranteed shields


Only in Ludias world does it nerf one ability of creatures that dont even abuse swap in mechanics anywhere near the amount the real offenders do.

Clense shouldnt have cleared lockdowns from the get go. Why even have a 2 turn lockdown if you can clense it. Lockdown could have been 1 turn… then draco didnt need regenerate… which would have made it slightly less frustrating to play against.


Just take regen off DC. Problem solved.


Lol but then ya have dig-in on it’s cousins

Like exactly eddie had to be careful when using it plus it had a delay it couldn’t do it off the bat like rat and the ceritopians

Honestly, I was just thinking about how… removing regen from dc. Along with a significant hp reduction would have been a better way for most players to balance it.

Let it be able to swap in for a kill… at the trade off that after that its gonna die… even to tanks…

Its not that I personally mind the dc nerf… but it sets a precedent… that balancing changes can be used as a way to get more boost sales. Right now everyones on board because its dc… but a few patches from now when its something like magna… getting a bunch of rending attacks so its still an immune dino… and with new boost allocation can be tankier and or faster because attack stat has become useless.


I picture Ludias balance team being two people… one directly in charge of the other. They do their balancing strictly in friendly battles.

Pretty sure the one in charge lost alot of friendly battles to monomimus. Dislikes tenotorex quite a bit but is a fan of thor.


The cleansing of the lockin was one of the dumbest things they did with Draco, the huge swap in attack was meant to be balanced by the fact it was then locked in for 2 turns.
Removing the lock via cleansing it away was what lead to the swap rat fest we had for so long (and still will but to a lesser degree).

So in closing, YES, they should 100% prevent the lock-in from being cleansed away. Otherwise why even have a lockin?


Entelodon and Postimetrodon don’t really apply here.
As for the rest, Regen is fine the way it’ll be after the update, except on maybe the Rat. As for the ceRATopsians, they’re supposed to be able to do that, even though it’s annoying.
They don’t even Regen that much, and you can get rid of Dig-in’s Shield and speed-up with nullification. Not to mention you can still apply debuffs on the turn Dig-in is used, since it’s a priority move, and you essentially gain a free damage turn.

I have always believed that swap in abilities should have been restricted to tactical things, like shields, nulls, distractions and such. If they had just used some common sense and forsight they would have seen the incoming swap fest that went on for so long.

And clearly they still havent learned because they gave more ratting ability to other dinosaurs…sure not AS powerful, but still ratting none the less.

I also find them giving the beloved MonoStego a ratting move very distasteful. They should be removing the ratting abilities that already exist, not adding more.

But hey its LUDIA, they got no idea how to manage a game so have at it Lydia!


The thing is even taking it away it can be replaced by something worse like a shield or charge and all it would need it’s to be bound this two turns and everything could kill it same either ceritopians after the lockdown effect has worn out its fair game but the fact they say yet to the war in system is ridiculous

Eh I mean enteldon already has MF soooo plus post is immune why would it need cleansing

sounds good to keep the lockdown but It will mean almost 100% death rate for any rat that is swapped in. With 2 solid hits most of them will die. What we need is a way to limit the swap in ability to once per battle.

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lol honestly thy deserve it but ya that could be an alternative

Like say SIR can be used once per match

Yes, limit the rat swap in, the swap in stun strike or even all swap in moves to once each per battle. It’s a 3 on 3 battle how many times does 1 creature need to swap in?

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