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Should resistances be reviewed for older hybrids?

Should older hybrids (I’m talking more than a year old at minimum) get a kind of QOL pass for resistances to keep all dinosaurs a good choice (in their respective arenas) in the face of power creep, or is the occasional balance for the most meta-relevant creatures enough?


I mean, you’re essentially asking if we should buff weak dinos or nerf strong ones. I imagine a bit of both is probably neccesary. Otherwise you would need to nerf an entire class to make some bad dinos relevant, and you would often have to buff entire rarities to match some of the stronger dinos. So some dinos will probably need buffs to keep up with power creep, but this power creep should also be as limited as possible.

I mean resistances specifically. A good number of older creatures have resistances but a large number do not; it appears to me that a lot of the more recent creatures added to the game come with resistances to start with.

Instead of fiddling with and tweaking the most-used meta creatures, where discussion becomes agitated with pros and cons and concerns about what is too much of a change, what if we left them alone and focused on getting changes made to dinosaurs that aren’t heavily used to make them more competitive?

Resistances are just one form of buff though. Given that all the resistances were addressed in 2.0, it’s not like older creatures were given worse resistances. It’s still a valid way to give out buffs, but the main problem of power creep is more general than just resistances.

Power creep is an odd problem to deal with. Some dinos do need buffs (to resistances or otherwise) to keep up. We want as many dinos as possible to stay relevant, and ultimately we need buffs to accomplish that. But if you don’t address the top-meta dinos, the bar keeps moving up, and the power creep continues: you’ll just have to keep making changes. So some nerfs at the top are neccesary to keep them in check. Plus, nerfing one dino is often way more efficient than buffing dozens, and “dangerous” since every balance change is a chance for Ludia to mess up.

I would also draw a distinction between meta relevant and meta defining. A dino can be used a lot because it’s a solid choice, and that’s fine - no nerfs needed there. But there’s an important difference between them and dinos you’re practically required to run in order to be successful in your arena.

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I suppose so.

I guess I’d just like to see a few old favorites become other people’s new favorites and still be competitive, and I think adding resistances would help that.

But I get your meaning.

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Review the old hybrids like the 2 God’s and IndoR. Bring the 3 Nodopato hybrids to be more usable via stats, movesets and resistances.

Not so much power creep as letting have some use

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