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Should Scorpius Rex Gen 3 be nerfed

Now a while out form its release, and the ability to see how it works.

I think the Gen 3 needs a big nerf. It is to consistent for what it does with very little counter play against it.

Swap in, speed boost, and crit chance, with a dodge, while dropping the attack of the others dino.

Then a bleed stun combo.

Followed up by a rampage

This dino is hitting way to hard, and i think mostly it needs a nerf to the crits.

Remove its critical boosting, and drops its critical chances to only 10.

And before you say there are counters, yes there are. But right now the only one seeing play is now the recently buffed Spinoconstrictor, and Erlikospyx.


It doesn’t increase attack on the swap-in, it’s 30% speed


My bad, that is correct, miss wrote that one.

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SR3 is fine as is. Testa not so much.


There is much to dislike about it. And out of all the dinos that are in the game, this one i have seen to cause more trouble.

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Cannot say i have faced it down to much yet. But i can see why you would say that.

I do think it needs a nerf as well, though i don’t know it well enough to say what that nerf would be.

did you use magna monolorhino and others? magna destroys itdid you use magna monolorhino and others? magna destroys it do you use magna monolorhino and others? magna magna wins with his annihilating attack and the same for monolorhino with his 1.5x attack


It’s the only meta viable bleeder we have, I do not think it needs a nerf. It does it’s job nicely, and has good counters. Monolorhino deals with it well, same with magna and spyx.


Great idea to nerf one the few relevant creatures that can at least do some damage to the deer!


Simple answer NO

this text will be blurred


I’d say Thylaco is a pretty meta relevant one, but Scorpius is better as a bleeder-attacker combo

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scorpio doesn’t increase attack when swapping in, but it’s like it was, because of being 75% crit that time.

i believe it happens to scorpio similar of indoraptor g2 when released: a move with too many effects.

the basic cautious move when released was exclusive for indo2 and was activating a thousand effects, a nightmare.

now we have scorpio with that:

we spend all those 15 seconds just to read that :joy:

ow, shot by a nullify move after swap? no problem:


Swap-in Critical Ambush+Toxic Quills has single handedly made most creatures capable of killing Testacornibus unviable. Testa doesn’t have to fear a Tryko or Dio, two creatures that can kill Testacornibus fairly reliably, if it can just swap in Scorpius and then kill it with Toxic Quills.

Further, Scorpius works just as well against Fierce Creatures. It can do the same thing to Mortem.

As it is, Scorpius G3 helps Testacornibus more than it hurts it. The Deer wouldn’t be as meta-warping without Cunning Swap-ins to nullify its bad matchups.


No it doesn’t need a nerf. It can countered by a lot of creatures that have definite or precise abilities. It also doesn’t have dot resistance. From my experience titan, deer, quetz and snake work very well against it


Tenontorex, Mammolania, and generally anything that can ignore DoT, bypass Dodge or remove, and heal itself does reasonably well against Scorpios Gen 3.

It’s fine as is.


So you entire argument is to repeat yourself.

And only one of those Magna actually is decent against G3

the Rhino’s attack can have its attack heavilly reduced, making it barely a ‘counter’

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Remember to keep things civil and respect each other, everyone :sauropod:

I am mostly saying a nerf it is crit chance, rather than a nerf over all to it.

Removing its critical chances, as it does not need to speed up, bleed, stun, distract, up critical chances and dodge on on a swap in and a single attack. Name any dino that does six things for swap in an attack?

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Thor, Mortem, boa, there are still several out there. But my main arguement was not doing damage, it was remove either the crit or stun. As it does not need to be able to do six things from a single swap in and attack.

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Spinoconstrictor is now a good one as well.