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Should Scorpius Rex Gen 3 be nerfed

Spino has taken an increasing big step forward thanks to the boost. It can now fight Cera, mortem of equal or higher level.

G3 does quite a lot with almost or little to no way of actaully responding. And so far i have only heard of two counters that are reasonable. So having a ‘counter’ unto itself does not mean it is free from being nerfed.

How monolorhino counter SR3? Cause the ones I met destroys my monolorhino. SR3 has usually more dmg, need to be hit 3 times. If SR3 is faster then strike+rampage+strike should be enough to finish monolo. If monolo is faster it could win.

But you have your swaper on field and there is decent chance that opponent has on of cera/monolo on hand.

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So. Since this thread has stopped, and given more time. I see my thoughts on G3 are slowly playing out.

It is being played by more top players. It is not quite as bad as i originally thought, but paired up with a good team, it is still a nightmare with way to many abilities for just swapping in and one attack.

In terms of its moveset or stats, no, scorpius does not need a nerf as most meta Dino’s can cleanse, or are immune to bleed or stun. What does need to change is it’s swap in ability, since there’s too many buffs and it can just get annoying. But otherwise scorpius is perfectly fine (apart from it swap in as stated before). But what I want some people to remember is that just because you are struggling with one Dino or get your entire team wiped just once by scorpius does not warrant it a nerf, as it’s not the same for people in the higher arena. They have ways to deal with those, people in the lower arenas like aviary or library will just have to work hard on a team that can handle most of the top dinosaurs like mrhino or scorpius and deer

why is it when I unlock a unique it get nerf or people want to nerf it

Phorurex, lmao

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That is my original point on the thread, is not that it unto itself is over powered.

But for a swap in an single attack it does a little to much. IF you removed the critical boost, and say the stun. then G3 i think would be prefectly fine, but with all the boosts and nerfs it can dish out it is just a little bit much for one creature.

As otherwise, it does its job rather well. It just there are very few ‘real’ counters out for it.

I am also for a nerf not in the sense of power, but either a drop in the crit chances, or removal of the stunning. Where when it is brought in, and used it often has a pretty good chance of swapping back out after fully destorying the enemy dino.

There are no other dinos i know of that can get in and out with that low risk for a swap in and out. And often the risk for G3 is a precision attack, with a dino immune to distraction.

Which surprsiignly rare combo

So you ‘counter’ if you want to call that.

Is to bring in a new dino designed precisely to counter it. Rather than to correctly adjust it so it is not a problem.

Yo said what is something that can boost crit, reduce damage, and adds dodges and speed that has a bleeding impact (in this case rampage) and stunning (stunning obstruction), phoururex has all of those

You asked that right here

If you are having a problem with scopius just get orion or spyx, they absolutley mince it, even without the stun immunity quetz does amazing against it. You just have to go invins when u know they are going to go for toxic quills, that way even if they get the stun u will have ur rampage back

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My point quite literally is, it does all that in 2 moves. The swap in, and then the attack.

Yeah, there are dinos which do a lot more over all. But not seven things in 2 moves.

Let alone with the survibility that it has with the chances to swap back out.

prex that thing can swap in rend you for 40 and pin you then kill you with cunning rampage do side step and d.o.t rampage and swap out

it doesn’t need nerf because the bleeding combo has a cooldown of 3 and it only has 3k health


that is over 4 turns for each of those turns, not 2 turns for G3

Really, so it can swap in, bleed, stun, drop your attack, dodge. then often escape with little or no damage to do it again.

Meaning the cool down does not matter.

My s3 gets hit through evasive a lot. It also fails to stun a lot. I’ve lost track of how many thors (resistant to bleed btw) and mortem have 1 shot me through the swap in or immediately after. Ditto for trykos not getting stunned (and thors).

I’ve taken to calling my s3 Vegas. Will it stun? Will it dodge? Will it crit? Let’s see!!!

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Yet, as a whole, that is three things that has to go bad. IF even one works you are still doing as least as well as a normal stunning strike, with a boosted chance at critical for another turn. With dodge still active for one more hit generally.

Not true at all. Failing any one of those can mean death and a wasted dino. I swapped it in just a bit ago to a thor. Hit through evasive. Instant charge and hit through evasive again. Free dino. Not stunning is death vs dinos like this