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Should speed boosts get removed

Simple question: ex of why

Btw that spxs is the fastest Dino I have at 135 speed sooo

And of course getting rid of them entirely would be the best answer but since Ludia has basically said screw you all by having them on sale for 27 days and counting at least get rid of speed boosts

  • Yes,speed boosts should go
  • No, they shouldn’t there not a problem
  • Neutral

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I’d even be happy if they replaced them with armour boosts (minor increments); damage, health and armour tweak creatures, speed redefines them.


Yay it got blurred :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face: edit:some flagged it I think it’s was whale

Being able to tweak the speed of a dino was a bad idea. Speed is what kept dinos balanced. Made sure counters were counters. I would like speed boosts to be taken away. As PQC said, armor boosts with small increments (1%-3%) wouldn’t be too bad.


Honestly tho who the heck as for trex to be as fast as a raptor; also side note can you guys still vote cause if not I’ll delete and try again

I want to have all maxxed boosts! And create crutches too.


Oh yeah! Maxx boosted crutches here I come!!!

I saved some slots on Apato for Crit and Armor boosts. She is going to be one bad mutha… Shut your mouth! When they come around.



IKR I can’t wait to just boost me spxs with 60% armor and 50% crit it’s gonna be my crutch to #1

I dread the day when armor boosts come, if they do. Anything other than chompers will be 100% dead.

On the topic though, yes, speed boosts are a major problem. All too often I win or lose based on how many speed boosts me and my opponents have used.


rather than removing speed boosts, a compromise could be reducing their effectiveness. rather than +40, make it +20. they would more or less be mainly relevant in speed ties then. Tho, they should be gone all together.

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Whatever happens, won’t be a huge loss.

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