Should stunned creatures lose action type abilities/resistances?

This is a general opinion thing.

If a creature is stunned, for example Spinoconstrictor, should it keeps its swap prevention and if in evasive its ability to dodge? I know this is a niche case but I start seeing it a lot more recently.

My view is the creature has an action to physically dodge, or physically run away. How are they doing this when stunned?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Depends

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If you mean that a no escape creature gets stunned, yes you can swap.
I once stunned a sarcorixis for another turn and swapped out. But I don’t know about Dodge.

What I was wondering wasn’t if you can in the game or not at the moment, but if you should be able to. As in, you cannot do your moves, you cannot shield, distract or any other action, but the dino can walk out of the arena no issue? Or can dodge an incoming hit? How, they are stunned? They do not have enough wits about them to even move or anything but they can perform passive actions or walk out of the arena.

From my opinion it is inconsistent to the inability of a creature to perform an action when stunned. The game today lets you do it, but should it?

I think swapping is more just you yanking them out of the arena. However, things like On Escape Abilities, Dodges, things like those should just…not work when you’re stunned. It would give stun more of a use than it has right now, which is already steeply declining the higher in the arenas you go.

Actually, now i read your post again this is a nice version of my question. Where the lockdown passive is lost when stunned, but if I stun Orion with Sarco they can still run away and they keep resistance against my lockdown ?! oh the complexity of rock paper scissors :rofl:

how would a mimid dodge if it was down?
down meaning stunned
in real life, it would be knocked out for a few seconds…
but it shouldnt dodge if it is stunned

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