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Should supply drops be reworked?

Considering that the only way to level up is to use coins to level up your creatures and having a limit of roughly 10K coins you can get before reset and higher level creatures that doesn’t even come close to leveling them up, do you think supply drops should be reworked in some way to potentially give more coins for a longer refresh rate or any other ideas?

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First tournament of every month gives tons of coins

You‘re so cool, my friend :sunglasses:

Um, thanks.


At some point though I just get tired of tournaments because I lose a few and then never place high enough for it to make a difference

22.5k coins a day is plenty. Donate a lot in alliance and you’ll be rich.

What he said and win battles and open incubators.

I barely even do that. Imagine how rich I could’ve been!

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especially if you’re a coin hoarder and don’t level anything. i used to sit around 1 million+ coin. spent about 500K leveling things to 20-23. I’m siting on 600K and i don’t plan on using more than 200K more for my team this update.

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Must be nice, I just spend my coins randomly when I think I want to get more DNA for something or whatever, and then wonder where all my coins went.

I’m the coin hoarder that doesn’t level much of anything. I hit the 10 million in coins but then leveled my Ardentis from 26 to 28 and then leveled up tuoramaloch from 21 to 25 for the raids. I created and leveled Tenontorex to 26 for raids but ended up always being stuck a healer with Tuoramoloch. I leveled Erlidominus from 25 to 26 for the revenged. Haven’t used it yet. So I went down to 8.8 million coins. I have the DNA to level others if necessary. My Utarinex is 24, can go to 25 now but plan to replace my 27 Utasinoraptor with it rather than leveling up Utasino more.

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