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Should the battle incubator represent weekly dinos?


Just looking for everyone’s thoughts on whether the incubator from defeating 10 dinos should only give dna from the weekly featured dinos?

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nope. i get alot of irri dna from those.


That would be great rather than the current model that seems non-random.


I would prefer arena exclusive only dinos instead. That way there is still a source for irritator.


I would love to get irritator out of it. I guess I don’t have the right luck.


That would be great actually, but it wouldn’t stop it from giving me Galli and Purrusaurus all the time… :expressionless:

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That’s true. But, they seem to enjoy giving hybrids to arena exclusive dinos so while that DNA is not needed right now, I wouldn’t mind having it in stock for the future. Especially since the arena is the only way to get it.


This would be neat, and sticking to the “arena exclusive” dinosaurs that are (allegedly) connected to the arena level where you are probably stuck would also be neat. Instead of either of these options, I seem to usually get random dinos that I often do not need.

Or I get DNA from the featured dino, but only like 11 points of it. At this rate, I’ll be in my 70s by the time I can create a Paramoloch.