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Should the chickens change

I feel like the chickens are too similar I feel like there should be some difference between them they should make erlidom the slowest of it’s sisters since it has the slowest parents 129 (indom) while spx could be second fastest 130 (spineonix) and dilo as the fastestat 131 , (dilorano). Also sure you could say gama is tied with spx but since it’s a epic it goes second so it’s say 2 1/2. That way it’s not all just 129 129, 129 and seeing who is the first to hit rampage of strike.
image image Diloracherius

  • Yes, they all need a bit of diversity
  • No, there fine as they are
  • Maybe, but depends on stat/ move changes

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Dilo definitely needs a change. It can’t work in this meta.


Lol tru I love the OG green chicken


I feel like they shouldn’t change, each play a different role, Erlikospyx is the bleed oriented of the flock, Erlidominus is the all-out brawler of the flock and Dilo is uh…Dilo… anyways, I feel like if they did change, then they should focus more on their role - for example; giving Erlikospyx more Bleed-oriented moves maybe something like a “Lethal Rampage” or something, And making Dilo have a niche carved just for him - maybe he could be a nullifier? I don’t know.


Hmmm maybe if they made him immune to slowing I could see him being a nullifier

Maybe switch that out for lethal wound

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They each are different roles, I wouldn’t change them. I think erlikospyx could use a little health. Dilorach could use an immunity such as immune to stun since it has a stunning role. Make its distraction have more effect perhaps instead of 50% make it 65% Could be a certified good Thor killer that way imo.

All I know is Dilorach and Tenrex could use a little polish lol. Both are straight forward no glamour all guts.


I think what killed Dilo is that everything is immune to stuns nowadays. Seriously, both Indoraptors, Paramoloch, Ardentismaxima, basically everything used above Lockwood renders “stun” as a useless ability. Fix this and Dilo will be relevant again.

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Diloracheirus needs a rework or something. The others are good as they are.

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Dilo needs a rework, should be much better than “pretty much useless”.

Erli is fine
Dilo needs a move change to be a relevant unique
Spyx needs health boost

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Both erlidom and spyx are ok, dilorach is one that needs help.