Should the dna factory be viable for non vips

Since we have a vip dna factory shouldn’t we be able to have the normal one for free?

  • Yes the normal one should
  • No it should remain vip exclusive

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It wouldnt surprise me if they made the dna factory free, I mean they demoted acrocanthosaur and weurhosaur so who knows with ludia :man_facepalming:

But I dont get why non vips should deserve to have a DNA factory? Your already getting loads of dna from doing the events the factory should stay as a paid benefit, otherwise, why dont they just give us free dna packs everyday lol…


Agreed. Non vips shouldn’t get vip benefits.

At the most they could make one, half the DNA of the VIP factory tho

That means VIP DNA factory max is 1200 , divide by 2 you get 600 so max level of non - VIP DNA factory is 600 DNA

However I still think it has to remain VIP exclusive

As a long term from the start non vip free to play player I have no problems not having access to any of the VIP benefits. I hate to say it and don’t tell ludia but as far as mobile games go that have vip/subscriptions and free to play options this game is really good with the only thing a free player can’t obtain are some of the VIP exclusive creatures. Everything else is fair game it just takes a little longer.

I’ve played other games that by design it is boarder line impossible to finish events and win prizes as a free to play player that are as long as a week to even a month. Even with around the clock dedication and a little bit of luck you can’t win. You slog for a month and hit every thing possible but will still come up just short of the grand prize. It’s hard to accept defeat at that point after all the hard work and many members will shelll out real money to cover the small gap. Those games for those events typically have a special item to help build event currency to help you win the grand prize that typically cost like $4 or $10. This game is not like that thankfully.

I better stop talking before I give them any more ideas.


i think boss vs boss is a great source of dna too and packs gives us loads of dna so i dont think it should be available for non vips


Also to add, the vip factory is a nice benefit for vip players but it isnt the be all and end all to the gaming experience as @Subxero11 has pointed out.

The dna factory gives me around 16k dna per week, in the grand scheme of things that is a very small comparison (around 15 to 20 percent of total dna accumulated) to the dna I can farm from PvE, PvP, tournaments and code 19s, all of which are available to non-VIP players.


What @Aether_12 says is true. Every event gives you DNA, including those boss events of which give a LOT of DNA , especially the 10 events one


i know one time i grinded 26k dna from events in one day to buy one more rajastega copy to make it lvl 20 and i dont have vip till now

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Get good at code 19s and farm those. Top Dino’s yield 600-1000DNA. I can get 4000DNA a day on those.

VIP factory is nice, but the 12 hour clock with no grace time stinks.


Agreed. Like you said it doesn’t give you as much dna as in events but my point is we should be able to have the normal one if we have an vip exclusive one as well

Theres only one dna building, we dont have 2 unless your referring to the sdna building?

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Yep reffering to the s dna building. I mean it makes more sense making it restricted to vip since it’s more exclusive than nomal dna

I wouldnt class the sdna building as a second dna building though, yeah you can sell super hybrids but it’s still a separate resource to dna.

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I don’t want to say the SDNA building is useless, but since you can’t double up a type, 15SDNA a day of 4 different types isn’t much of a game changer.

The update to allow us to pick SDNA for events and code 19s is a game changer and makes a real difference.