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Should the Gator types get some attention?

Hi! I would like to see if anyone would like to see the gators get some buff or better move sets to make them more useable? I feel Grypolyth deserves better moves since it’s a unique and all Sarcorix is pretty good but Grypolyth though, for example it’s needs more damage, plus 10% more armor? As for speed needs to be around I’ll say 107? And for move set, Defense Shattering Strike is good, how about Lockdown Rampage? That should had been Gators strongest point locking down opponents dinosaurs and the rest of the move set are fine, so what’s your opinion on this idea? I want to hear and see if anyone agrees with some or any, thankyou for your time and enjoy this topic if already been mention.


Being that lockdown strike and pinning strike are basically the same thing (both lock for 2 turns) and being that pinning strike was buffed to make sense (from locking 1 turn to 2 turns) it’d be great if similar thoughts were put into the gators. How about lockdown strike becomes lockdown impact for all of them, and it binds for something MORE useful like 3 turns? :slight_smile:

I definitely would love it if the gators got some form of attention. But not before the Sauropods. Gigaspikasaur, Nodopatotitan, etc are virtually useless legendaries at all levels of the arena.


They do seem pretty underwhelming. I want to see more gators with minimal wounding strike. I feel like that’s a great way to add damage without throwing crit into their move sets.

I don’t actually know what Grypolyth’s move set is, but if he’s a unique, he should definitely have some definitive strengths. Lockdown Rampage sounds like it has some potential.

I think a good concept that could be implemented is a passive that grants immunity to stuns (and only stuns). I’m not exactly sure how balanced this would be, but it would be a good boost to the gators. They need some love.


Death roll ability causes bleed 25% hp for 3 turns and pins for 3 turns, no upfront damage. Crocs would instantly become meta and be v good tool to take down sia teams!!!


Maybe even a pinn and swap for gyprosuchus and swapin death roll too!