Should the other poll hybrids be added?

Given how long it has been since the addition of the Indotaurus, I don’t think it’d be too much to ask to get these others in the game. Especially now that we’re getting Apexes via Uniques getting hybrids, these guys would be amazing! I’d especially love to see these hybrids out of Alankyloceratops and Tsintamoloch. Plus, some of the ingredients still have no hybrids. Alankylosaurus and Eremoceras come to mind. But what do you guys think? Should we finally get the other poll creatures, or should they remain scrapped?

(Also while we basically got Enteloceras to please the Scutomoceras fans, I don’t really care lmao. Who says we shouldn’t get both?)


I’m sure we’ll get them eventually. Wouldn’t put them out there if they weren’t planning on releasing them into the wild.


They did say that they’re not off the table, so I imagine that we’ll see them slowly roll out in future updates. Hopefully starting with the Ultra-sloth or Alankyloceratops


I’m honestly a huge alanky and tsintamoloch fan. The black and blue on that thing plus that unique crest was beautiful. Not to mention the potential apex as I mentioned.

I missed the poll. They proposed hybrids to us? That’s something I would’ve liked to see!

I do not want Alankyloceratops or Scutomoceros. As much as I want Alanky to have a hybrid, the proposed one ain’t it. With the advent of Apex superhybrids, I’d honestly like to see Alanky get a mix with Grypolyth

Tsintamoloch was aight tho

… We know that if alanky gets one it kinda has to be Alankyloceratops, because it was vote, and got at least 20% of the vote

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Why does that necessitate that any future Alanky hybrid be Alankyloceratops? There was no promises by Ludia that any of those creatures would definitely make it to the game other than the one voted, so for all we know, they may have shuttered Alankycera whenever it lost. Also, do we know for sure it got at least 20%? I don’t recall if Ludia actually said which creature got what percentage.

We know the percentages, just not for what creature. Plus, the community expressed interest (clearly) in Alankyloceratops

A vocal part of the community did, yes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the overarching community at large did. A lot of people who were commenting on here and on the JWA Discord had pretty negative things to say about IndoT, but it wound up winning. I wouldn’t assume that the opinions of the (relatively small) populations here and on the Discord match up to the overall community.

Well. It wound up winning because, well, it’s an indominus

Right, a lot of people not on the forums/Discord are gonna vote for it because Indominus has a lot of name recognition and popularity, so a hybrid made from it will have that leg up on other creatures. Conversely, while Alanky might be very popular with folks on the forums/Discord, it may be relatively under-appreciated by the community at large because it is a relatively more obscure creature that hasn’t had the franchise backing or PvP impact that some other creatures have had.

I wouldn’t count on Alankyceratops coming. It may still, but I wouldn’t count on it, and as I said, I personally hope Ludia reconsiders that hybrid and adds something different for it.

They are still possible. Ludia has confirmed that they are still looking at the poll earlier in 2021. If anything I really hope we get to see anlankylocerartops. I am still surprised on IndoT beat this

Indotaurus, Alankyloceratops, Scutomoceros, Tsintamoloch and Titacaulus were the ones offered. Indotaurus won


I know that, I’m saying those SHOULD be the ones we get imo