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Should there be a limit on losing trophies, and better rewards in higher arenas

So there seem to be a lot of either droppers or the reset still hasn’t fully fixed itself yet. I’m more focused on the droppers in this post. The thing is, I’m in Aviary, around 150 trophies away from Library, and yet I see players that should be in Gypo or Shores. I see every other battle level 27-29 dinos while my average is around 23. This may also do with the matchmaker just trying to find another player. However, there should not be these high-level dinos in Aviary. So what I think is that there should be stuff like Diplod, Nasuto, Allo Gen 2, and other exclusives in higher arenas. And to prevent too much loss, maybe a trophy loss limit as well. I think there should be an amount you can lose in a season. Maybe 120 at most, and then you can’t lose any more trophies. Then, after winning a few battles, it starts to raise up the trophies you can lose again. Say you start at 5330. After 3 losses, you have 30 trophies left you can lose. After winning 2 matches, you can lose 90 more. The next day, you can only lose 90 trophies. When you win 2 more matches, it would bump up to 150 trophies that can be lost.

Leave your thoughts down below, and thank you for reading!


I like this idea… I am in Aviary too, with a level 19-21 team and it’s already hard enough for me; I face creatures between level 23-26 :frowning:

I stand by my belief that dropping shouldn’t be possible, at all. You can drop as low as the start of the arena you’re in, but no lower.

Something needs to be done, though.

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I’m moving, but slower than I’d like.
If they would bring back the 1.14 trophy win/loss system it would speed things up.
I’d give it another week due to the reset… sludge were all stuck in.
I don’t really think anyone would intentionally drop and risk being stuck.
The only way I see to counter the 30/30 system is to really ramp up my battling but that’s just not going to happen.

my team ranges from lvl 18 to 21 and im currently in the Lockwood estate, and I have fought people with lvl 27s. there really needs to be a stop to this.

I have a mixed bag ranging from a lvl 28 indominus down to a lvl 24 Zorion. I am in lower library but every now and again get my ass kicked down to aviary. I’d live to change my team around and get rid of a few now not so useful Dinos that were relevant pre update. This is proving to be a lengthy process as I am F2P and finding the game yielding less coin and relevant DNA than it used to.

When you see a lvl 28 Beast coming at you it might seem out of place for that particular arena but more often than not the rest of the team is barely scraping by. I give every match 100% and get frustrated playing on the fringes up lower library and upper aviary.

Just some food for thought. Yeah there are droppers but some of us are giving it our all. It’s just not enough… Yet :slight_smile:

I guess we are seeing different people. When they have one Level 27, they usually have a whole team of them when I meet them. Just seems to be what I notice.

I am in Aviary as well and I am facing level 29 to level 30s each time. Something needs to be done with droppera because it is making it so I do not want to even battle anymore. Me not battling means no helping myself or alliance, so to prevent me from nursing incs, do something about droppers plain and simple.