Should There be an Offline Arena

I posted a video a few weeks back, but I want to ask the masses. To summarize:

Many players have left the game due to a creature they worked so hard to get got nerfed or just fell out of the meta (and no consistent boost reset) By creating an “Offline” arena Ludia is giving us an option to continue using those creatures.

"Offline"arena will work the same way it works now when you’re given the option to fight AI except it would be a permanent feature like in the photo.

It will not contribute to Season Rewards, same way it doesnt now. It’s just an option to use whatever creatures you like to get an incubator without losing 20 battles in a row or wasting hours on end for a win.


That’s just a incredible feature

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I bet it would also help counter the dropper situation since incubators would be easier to farm this way.