Should They Add an 8th Apex?

Should they add an 8th Apex for a full Apex team?

If it is a raid creature, what day should it be on?

What type of creature should it be?

If not a raid creature, what creatures should it be made from?


I don’t see them ever adding a 8th apex, and I don’t want to see it either.
Currently the only way to get apex DNA free are from raids and we never have a day where we have two bosses of the same rarity, and they can’t just replace an apex with another apex right? That would screw up A LOT of things.
Overall, until we have another way of getting Apex DNA I don’t see them ever adding a 8th apex.


It’s Ludia if they can make money on it they most certainly will remove one and add another. I would guess Mortem would get the axe first.

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If another Apex is introduced, it should be a Fierce, and a good one too. We seem to be lacking in the Fierce department. I would think it’d be a sort of Spinosaurus kind of thing, and could be unlocked in a specific Strike event every Sunday, where a Level 30 of the Boss, fully boosted with some slightly boosted minions are their alongside it. So basically, two Apexes on Sunday, just one is Raidable and one has to be obtained via a strike event. I may draw my own personal concept for an Apex lol


That’s not terrible. The strike event concept I like a lot. Yes you make them really hard so only the best still get them but it’s a novel idea on here.


Ludia should really add an apex scent
and special darts for apex creature

plus a wildcard apex as there are none

Or this apex raptor may be good download (21)

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Why is this creature so busted? Immune to everything and 3000 damage, which is too insane

If we get a new apex which is datamined it probably replaces an old raid. But if that happens we hopefully get other ways of getting apex dna for free


I remember having the idea of being able to unlock apexes through tournaments. Seems like a basic concept, however there are some extra “details” and or concepts.

So, only the higher tier tournament incubators have apex dna stored in them, maybe 8-the final one? I’m not too sure yet, and I’m not sure how much DNA because the tournaments do take some time, nor do I know if said incs should have the same amount of DNA in them or not. Or you get bits of apex dna from each of the weekly tournament round rewards, and like with the alliance incs, you have to reach a certain level/score to get apex dna from them. I’m not sure if this is a viable thing, probably needs some tweaks, but I rather have this than ludia just permanently deleting an apex raid to make room for a new one.

I like this, would this require a new tower difficulty perhaps? or could it go under master difficulty?

and I don’t think dartable apexes should ever be a thing, I think a good chunk of people can agree since this can mess the arena up a bit


then apex scents can draw raid bosses

this sauropod may be gooddownload (22)

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Meme creature I guess

Why DoT resistance? Either make it 25% or remove it. Sauropods shouldn’t be able to resist what they’re supposed to be countered with.
Also, it lacks a 0 cooldown ability.


Can you stop making fun of my creature

I’m not making fun of anything. You should try to find a way to deal with corrections and criticism because not everything that you will do is going to be perfect or totally correct.
In fact, I’m literally helping you to make more balanced creatures.


bruh its my custom creature not yours

That’s a very poor argument. But oh well, I won’t be arguing this as it seems like you’re very locked to others opinions.
Just a heads up, if I don’t do it, somebody else will.
Peace :t_rex:.