Should Thor get a buff?

And what number of boosts should we put in to it health, attack, and speed

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Yes Thor should get a buff.
Three reasons.

  1. Mortem Rex, which was the mainstay to all raids was nerfed, so Thor has to replace it.
  2. In theory it is the best of the Fierce Uniques, so it should be the proverbial powerful Rock, in the game of rock scissors paper. Instead scissors can kill rock, all too frequently.
  3. All of the old unique creatures, need to be improved because they are no longer being used at the top, indicating imbalance issues.

I don’t think it should get a buff, really. Like Indoraptor, it’s more of a stepping stone Unique that you’d use to progress further from mid-game to early stage late-game, where it will be replaced by stronger Uniques, usually. Maybe a buff to improve it’s raid viability, but keep it at it’s current viability in PvP. It’s super useful for mid-game players progressing, as it’s usually one of the first, if not the first Unique they unlock playing the game, and they can use it all the way to Aviary, maybe even a little higher.

(Also i have a huge hate towards Thor but that’s just something we’ll ignore for now)


No, it already got buff a lot since 2.0, first the swap immunity , then bleed resistance, then they made GSI and FR back, damage buff. The only Fierce that needs buff is mortem its so garbage that anything faster then it can kill it in arena.


Beuh indot is better than thor

In the beginning, when Indoraptor and Thor came out, they were the best of the best. Ludia makes old uniques less viable over time,. This is done by nerfing, and power creep. So eventually everything is a stepping stone.
So whatever you think is the best now, will no longer be viable in 3 to 6 months.
For example back in August I did a break down of the top 50 players dinosaurs.
The top 8 were
Scorpius Rex Gen 3
Followed by
Ceramagnus (now nerfed)
Mortem Rex (Now nerfed)
Hadros Lux ( now nerfed)
Composocaulus (nerfed and diluted by power creep)
Monolrhino (falling off teams now due to power creep)

We should demand balanced play, instead of having our creatures constantly nerfed. Once you accept your unique as a stepping stone, than all uniques become stepping stones, and it is just a money grab.


Despite me hating Thor, I have to agree with this since a similar creature of mine had fallen to powercreep, Acrocanthops. The 50k coin and 300 DNA I spent for a level 21 is now useless, and it has had 9 boosts stuck on it for months 🥲

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At the beginning of 2.0 Thor was kind of bad having 2 impacts 0 rampages


Nah. They’re about the same in pvp but what makes thor better is its raid viability.
Edit: I read indo instead of indot

Really? From what I’ve seen is that Indot is a really good dino and it exceeds Thor. It’s Low Tyrant currently and is on many top teams.

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I agree with this fully, and what you say is correct. Too bad Ludia rarely ever listens though, and overnerfs dinos and creates new powercreeping OP ones.

I think the main reason I want Thor to not be buffed is mostly because I hate it so much lol. It’s often annoying to face, and so common too, so I’ve grown to hate it. Probably just my bias in the way.

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Besides all pure Fierce creatures getting 100% Vulnerability and 75% Deceleration Resistances, no, it’s fine as it is now.

Oops, I thought they said indo. Didn’t see the “t” at the end. My bad

Now I do all the raids and beat them and Thor is in all the raids. I play all 4 accounts by myself and have been winning all the raids every day, non-stop since October 22. I’m 1/2 to 2/3 the way from unlocking all the Apex creatures.
This is what my two Thors have for raids although I started with them level 27 & 29 but are now both level 30:

Thor 1
Tier 12 health (7110 at level 30)
Tier 13 damage (2818 at level 30)
Tier 2 speed

Thor 2
Tier 12 health (7110 at level 30)
Tier 14 damage (2924 at level 30)
Tier 0 speed

For the Mortem raid, one Thor needs the 2 speed boosts to be faster then the raptor when speeded up by Tuoramoloch. I didn’t need to speed both but the other Thor needed the extra damage to 14 for Gorgotrebax to do the 8 turn strategy.

No worries.

I think indo is way better than thor. Cloak can lead to some nasty counter attacks and can 1 shot a 100k hp skoona with revenge and crit. Indo just does way more damage than thor

Ik like I said I read indo, like indoraptor instead of indot for indotaurus.
But yeah I agree that indot is way better than thor.

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needs more damage. Thor is best for Raids

Yes please.

This is a VERY controversial question but in my opinion all it needs is some of the resistances nerfed (like DoT and swap prevention) and some stat buffs like 5% armor and 40% critical

Oh and for the best build it depends on if you want to use a raid thor or a pvp thor (personally I would recommend a raid thor because I value raids more then pvp but its really your choice)