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Should thylacotator become legendary

We have dracocera which is from two commons, monometradon again to commons, tyrannolophosaurs a rare and a common and koolabourginaia two rares. So it a stretch to say that thylo which is made from a very powerful rare and a powerful rare hybrid to be considered legendary status?

That would be awesome, but I guess they only wanted Epic status.

Ya I’ve noticed they really love there epics these last few patches


Only if they make it stronger. :smiling_imp:

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I mean just let it have immune to distraction that masup has and makes it more than legendary worthy

Or give it superiority vulnerability

Higher rarity means higher costs for fusing. Instead of 50/50, it would cost 200/200 per fuse.


No? A dino has never changed rarity and there isn’t any reason for it to change.

Ya but I think it be worth it

I mean maybe it could happen one day

That seems needlessly complicated considering the cost increases and some people could be nowhere near having a legendary and suddenly boom, they have a free legendary. And what about a level 11-15? Does it just become 16?

Hmm that’s true Maybe you could have your dna refunded and who ever has it unlocked could fuse as much as needed or can use the dna on sucho

So if you had it unlocked boosts and coin and or dna will be reset to give a play a chance to either Reevolve it or use that on another creature

It’s better to just not chance it’s rarity at all. It’s not like it’s OP or anything.

Lol true but it’s just an idea I’m putting out

Never thought anyone would agree just want it to put out there

Overall I wish Ludia made monolo and DC a rare hybrid rather than a legendary one, it would make more sense, same goes to tyrannoloph and koolabour to epic, but then again we may have to downgrade tenrex to legendary if tyrannoloph changes to epic, honestly I don’t really mind rarity, most people see them like “oh the highest tier is the best tier”. But I see tiers in a different way, yes uniques are suppose to be the best but personally I go through stats and moves to see how good that creature is, not rarity, the only way I find rarity important is to win speed ties. Phorusaura May be a legendary but it can really kick unique butt, even a og common velociraptor can kick a unique out of the arena. So don’t get fooled by rarity, focus on stats and moves, not rarity.

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Does it already have a legendary hybrid or not? If not it should get one

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The raeities seem to be only for fuses, since we have heroics and legendaries more powerful than uniques, so it wouldn’t really chance much other than the fact it’s fuses would use more dna

Thylacotator is a super hybrid so it can’t get a hybrid.

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