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Should tournament DNA rewards be better?


This is not a thread for ‘We should not have a tournament so soon’ or any complaint against it :smiley: we all have our gripes.

My point is when i saw Erliko DNA i was for the first time truly motivated to really grind out a stronger team to get a bettwr erliko reward untill i saw I had to be top 100 to double my gains so that gave me the incentive to take it easy again and not get too sucked into hunting.

Now 1k erliko is enough for 5 fuses or erlidom. To be in top 100 and get that is nice but for the amount of effort one must of spent then much is to be desired.

However i will add they get a better cash and coin reward but then that is vague in how that will benefit a player.

So should rewards better reflect a persons ranking or does it work this way?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t care

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I think it’s fine because like any competitive event if you want the too trophies then you need to work for it. However I don’t think there should be a minimum level cap. That bottom level of rewards should go to everyone below whatever it is (5000 trophies?) as it would help the new players as well.


Don’t really care. I would tell Ludia people where to shove their annoying and pointless tournaments but I don’t want to be banned…


Ludia has just proofed again that they are the best in demotivating and disappointing players.

They just keep doing illogical things and ignoring us.

So, yes, DNA rewards should be more relevant to the final position. Will we be heard? Of course no.