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Should unicorn be on my team?

I vaguely remember saying that she would stay on my team forever but recently I have been changing that thinking. Tarkus doesn’t make me smile like she used to. She doesn’t have a very good role on my team. It is good against cunnings and creatures with a lot of life but I feel that it is not enough to continue even being level 24 with some SB of HP …

I unlocked Morhino and automatically put her in Tarkus’s place to see her performance. She’s been on my team for weeks. Even if it doesn’t eliminate 1v1 creatures, it is fantastic. I underestimated her. I managed to reach the 4900 trophies thanks to her.

Should I really go for it even if it takes months to bring Morhino to level 22 or 23? Leave her where she is or place some temporary creature like Tarkus, Gemini, Big Rat… probably Big Rat is getting a huge buff in the next updates

Any suggestion? Thanks!

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monolorhino can be on your team at a lower level, it works perfectly for your team actually

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although I would probably add gemini for tryostronix as its not too great in battle, unless boosted crazy

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Despite not having many SB in his statistics, he is doing very well.

I will keep an eye on Gemini’s performance against Resilientes and see if I can open a spot on the team for her.

I made a decision: The unicorn will be on my team. I thought that the DNA I had was not enough.

health and damage is what you want on that and yeha bring in the gemi throw a touch of speed on that and use it to setup the unicorn :stuck_out_tongue:

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