Should Velociraptor have this?


Hear me out… We all know the raptor took a big hit with the update and most people probably took it off of their team. I didn’t. I still use it, which probably makes me a little biased when it comes to raptors. But the raptor’s strike attack has pretty much become useless these days, unless your previous dino goes down and you bring in a raptor to finish theirs with the strike attack. All a raptor can do against a tank is pounce and swap. I really think the raptor should have a nullifying strike or a cleanse/heal that acts first. Obviously the heal would be tiny since the raptor has such a small amount of health, so it’s not much to cry about. And I think it should be an additional attack, not replacing the regular strike, so the new attack can have a cooldown and not be abused. This would make the raptor somewhat usable again. I know I’m in the minority here, but what do you all think?

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I always thought that raptors need it. Or more crit chance with a big crit. Or more damage. I dont like raptors but now are really bad overall.


Raptors can stay in their cr*ptank where they belong Lol We don’t need another bad meta change since Ludia can’t handle properly balancing out assets.


How can you clean/health if you get 2 shot down? And if you need Nullifying strike, you got Tanicolagreus!


No way they are when they should be right now


I don’t think they don’t know how to balance the Meta, everything has been calculated!
Meta is a good commercial marketing source, they just need to do a new update, change one thing and the Meta will change, so players will buy coins to Upgrade their Dino! This will happen again and again! This is how this game work!


I am still using my V-raptor so my “no” is not because I hate them, it is just because she is what she is: big damage cannon glass with poor health. Like T-Rex, very slow dino with an amazing attack. I think all the dino are more or less well balanced. Yes I think that too many dino have now superiority strike so we just need not to spam v-raptor as first dino, as before, but use her wisely.


IAll I can say is it’s annoying to have to swap out because the dinosaur your fighting has cleanses itself and slowed you all in one blow! Now the battle is all a matter of luck and not skill or Dino levels! I fought someone the other day we had the same exact dinosaurs and the same level! I battled with all my might but because of the way the speed works, stupid superiority strike, and RNG crits he won!


Yes the velociraptor should have something like that. And Pyroraptor needs his armor piercing impact back… It’s an epic so it has to be a bit better than the other raptors :slight_smile:


You do understand that is why you have the raptor squad right?


It’s the endgame for raptors and I’m actually happy about that.

Even with the pyroraptors having armor piercing it still kinda sucks in battles. Only the legendaries are worth while to put on a team. One superiority strike bye felicia :wave:t3:


I still have my raptor in my team


Those other raptors aren’t very good though. I’d still use velociraptor as it is before even considering the others. It’s the fastest in the game and shouldn’t be nearly unusable. And you can’t collect DNA for the other raptors like you can for velociraptor, except utahraptor. Still too slow though.


I hear you but that’s the point. Those are Dinos with better or at least 1 extra option and the vrap is still better even with the rework.


The point of this suggestion is to make the velociraptor usable again. Not to find a similar, unworthy substitute.


Raptors are fine now. And still highly usable. The reason you can only use pounds and swap on tanks. Is because you’re not supposed to use raptors on tanks. Tanks are a counter to raptors. Just like you wouldn’t send a Ankylosaurus against a t-rex.


Yes that’s true but, tanks got a huge buff and raptors got nerfed a bit. Almost all of the opponents that i face in the arena use a team full of tanks and a few other creatures. I don’t blame them for doing this because these are now the better dinosaurs instead of the raptors. This makes it extremely tricky to use a raptor because there is a high chance that i face a creature with some sort of slowing move :slight_smile:


Raptor (V-Raptor, above all) was useful thanks to her powerful mix of speed and high damage of the attack. Yes, the low health make her vulnerable, so that the best game was taking Raptor for jolly, you confident of first move if you switched your player to her. After the update this little advantage was vanified.
So: I don’t know how, but Raptor needs any help.


I don’t bring in a raptor to fight a tank. They bring in the tank after my raptor drops whatever their other dino was. Then it just goes pounce, superiority strike, swap. It’s robotic.


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