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Should we be able to boost a dino's critical chance and armor

Since we can boost speed, attack, health why not the other parts of a creature

Example of critical boost: 5% changed to 8%

Example of armor boost: 0% changed to 3%

Reason why it’s lower so it’s not made to be guaranteed like bring a creatures 40% critical chance to 60% or 60% armor to 90% armor can make battles too difficult so if they will be added here’s how much you can put on.

Critical: 10 or 25%
Armor: 10 or 25%

Is the critical chance boost a good idea?

  • Yes
  • No

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Is the armor boost a good idea?

  • Yes
  • No

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No! just No!.. I don’t want to see tanky thors!!! with 100% crit chance…

No No No No No, Just NO
Ludia should never ever do this as it could ruin the game, the boosts we have are already enough


Ugh I spent nearly 10 minutes on this topic but whatever.


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If armor is increased any further, just rebrand all cunnings to fierce or resilient, because they’re already struggling against the 50% armor dinos.

YES… as long as it counts against the level cap for boosts and its small increments. That way more armor means less health or attack or speed


if that were the case, I think the armor would be traded for health and attack for crit, not entirely sure tho
but I think we’re fine with the boosts we already have, they have been causing enough “trouble”

Just remember though - if you and your opponent are stuck with your last dinos as resilient, fully armor boosted, with health restoration… the battles… there’d be so many timeouts. Does anyone really want a match that goes on for that long with no winner?

Not to mention - fierce dinos with armor. How are cunnings going to be able to counter them without anything to break through?

Armor boosts would destroy the game completely.

Crit boosts… Eh. More RNG. Hard pass.


If we were to get armor boosts, in addition to this, I would like the addition of new stats, akin to Armor but one for each class, as well as see the “Armor Boosts” split up even further for the three different classes, each only being able to be bypassed by their respective class counter. For example, Resilient would keep Armor and still be pierced by Fierce. But Cunnings would get something, let’s just say Nimbleness, that is bypassed by Resilients. Then Fierce could get something like… Intimidation which could be bypassed by Cunnings. I think with the addition of FOUR new types of boosts, that could really make builds far more diverse, which was the intention with boosts in the first place. (Assuming we keep the same cap for boosts)

For the critical chance, no, it increases the luck factor.
For the armor, yes, If it’s logical. Having a stronger armor increases the weight, so the creature’s speed decreases and being heavier is hard for the heart so the health also takes a hit!


The boosts we currently have already ruin the fun of the game. Adding any more would result in the death of this game. I certainly wouldn’t play anymore if crit and armor boosts are added.

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Boosts already ruined the game as it is, don’t trifle with this next level of absurdity


Thanks for everything.

Clearly I should shut my mouth.

All I wanted to do was see if people would agree to me but nope.

If you don’t like me (Obviously) then don’t talk to me.

I don’t even know you, simply pointing out a bad idea


Then don’t talk to me

You can’t just post a very controversial topic and expect everyone to agree with you, its just that some prefer the idea not to be implemented, and that’s their opinion, that’s it


Then don’t post on a public forum. Welcome to the internet