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Should we be saving our daily battle incubators?

Some people might get mad I’m asking this but I want an even playing field.

Ludia stated that we will get the new stat boosts from daily battle incubators.

They currently stack so if you dont complete it today you can do 2 then next day and so on.

Should we not collect them and open/complete the banked up incubators after the patch hits?
This way you can have a lot more stat boosts than others who didn’t save up.

Or do you think ludia realized this and will do something to prevent it?


now that you said something on their forum maybe they will do something about it…:man_facepalming:

and are you planning on buying every stat boost offer?


They only stack for 3 days in my experience.



Was already way ahead of ya bud :+1:t3::crossed_fingers:

I hope your in game name is Gomer

I’m fine with people saying its stupid to bring up. I just want a level playing field.


I cant afford to let them stack because the daily missions all require me to open them and i need that erliko before its gone once update drops


i told my alliance to hold on to them so that we can open them once we hit the next rank in defense haha. not worried about the stat boost thing until i really see how it works.

I stack them anyway because I hate the arena and so if I fill one on a day I don’t need to, I save it for when the daily mission requires it (like today). Luckily I’d already filled it a day or two ago. :slight_smile:

I did think this but the penalty is too high

They only stack for two or three days.

U can stack 3 for sure. That much i know. I’ve done that many before.

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Oh is this the “Ruin a strategy for the update” thread? Great. :dizzy_face:

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