Should we cap fighting teams?


I keep coming up against multiple legendary or unique fighters now I am in the marshes. Anyone in this arena now is competing with spoofers. If we had a cap on one legendary or unique plus a couple of epics and 3 or 4 rares you would have to work on commons for your team. That gives you a fighting chance if they end up fighting with no legendary in the four fighters being used.


So if you work really hard and finally manage to create 3 legendaries, you wouldn’t even be allowed to use them? Seems pretty unfair. Your situation is unfair too, but I don’t think that is the solution. I believe matchmaking should be changed, and that after a certain amount of power in your team (based on average level and average rarity, I’d say) you shouldn’t be allowed to fight in a certain arena, no matter how many trophies you lose. If your team is under leveled, you could still climb up in the ranks if you wish and can, but if it’s over leveled, you shouldn’t be able to go to low arenas. That’s my two cents :slight_smile:


Not sure how you ‘work hard’ to get legendaries but okay. With no extra arenas to move the crazy high players into there own you end up with normal players like me with just epics and rares fighting rediculous odds. Would rather have an even battle based on strategy than lose and go down an arena only to win and go back up… Etc etc ad nauseam


You work hard by collecting lots of dna and coin to create them… don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any myself, but I’m slowly working towards getting some, like allosinosaurus, indominus, etc, and if I wasn’t allowed to use them in battle after that, what’s te point.


What is not fair is me having to fight p2w players or spoofers just vying for top spot. Will soon get bored of losing one sided battles. These high ranking players also seem to push up the bot levels as well


I am guessing you have not made it to the marshes yet. I am sure you may feel different when you do legitimately earn a legendary and then lose out to a team of uniques


No, I have not. And I perfectly understand how it can get frustrating to constantly lose against spoofers, ridiculously high level bots and p2w players. But capping legendaries kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? The goal of the game is getting more dna to improve your dinosaurs to create higher rarity dinosaurs to improve your team. If you already have a legendary and you know you can’t use more, everything would begin to appear pointless tbh. What’s the point of going out to collect dna, or even win a battle for good incubators, if you just can’t use more legendarios? Just improve your epics? Feels like you would be stuck there with no ability to actually improve, and that would get boring very fast. Game would become pointless imo

Not that all the problems you mention should be ignored. Ludia needs to do something about spoofers ASAP: prevent it and ban all of them. And the pay to win system needs to be fixed at once. Bots should have a team that outlevels you by just a couple of levels, no more, to keep it fair. I’m not saying your point isn’t valid, just that I don’t agree with your solution.


I have an indominus which uses Velo DNA I also use my Velo in the team. I have to keep collecting and then decide how to upgrade them. If you have 1000s of dna then you can just upgrade both. My way involves strategy to win and as you improve or create a new legendary then it can replace your current one. I play the game to collect dinosaurs not be number one in the world. Do not really have the time or patience to win one incubator after losing two as I hit the marshes. If I lose because I did not fight well it give me an incentive to improve. Surrender each fight because you know you will not wins sounds boring


Not to mention arena is full of high level bots


I wouldn’t complain at all if they limit the team to one legendary per fight… I’d throw a freakin party if they capped the level discrepancy to opponents only being max 2 levels above or below your team though! Tired of either feeling bad for mashing someone’s teeny level 2 team with my level 7 raptors or being destroyed by a level 12 team of stunners when the highest I have is level 8!


The entire game is based on a ‘pay to progress’ model. If you think you reached the max they increase the levels and it starts all over again.

2 weeks ago a few players had indoms. They sold the exact same rex incub for 70€ a while back. Now they sold it again for 50€; guess how many indoms you see now… It is no coincidence. I have been catching rexes for a long time and only due to the event i could get the indom running; bad luck with fusing.

Unfortunately that is the reality of the marshes. Either spoofers or p2p players. Even fighting 10+ level bots isn’t funny anymore while players clearly max level at 20-22. Oh hi there level 27 epics. There is no point in creating legendaries while all the others have level 20+ legendaries already. Regular players are running behind so badly due to gold limitations and the constant influx of fresh incubators, each week almost 3 lol. I dont want to be top 500 as a regular, it is no fun because of constant losses due to superior and overlevelled dinosaurs. I’d love to go back to 3100~ trophies just to have more fun (hopefully).

Uniques aren’t unique, look at the top 100. The game is out for a month-ish maybe? If you expect to have a fun time in the marshes forget it lol. It is all about becoming #1 the fastest; the more you pay the better. The entire game is already severely limited; gold income, darts, dino leveling,… They should just lift all the limitations instead of creating more. Matchmaking should be adjusted better according to levels and even rarity so legendaries are fighting legendaries, not puppies.

They should have an ‘epic’ league, ‘legendary’ league,… to let players fight the same rarities. Similar like games such as WOT which put same tier tanks together. Legendaries win because their skill set is so versatile, not levels (look at indom level 16; cloak + rampage hurts like a truck and it can even tank); commons win because they are overlevelled and have decent overall stats, not skills.
Rare league can be entered with 2 epics, 4 rares and 2 commons.
Epic league can be entered with max 1 legendary, 3 epics, all commons and rares.
Legendary league can be entered with 1 unique and 3 legendaries or 4 due to unique rarity, all epics commons and rares.
Unique league can be entered with everything.
Just an example of what i kind of had in mind; this will allow for players to create and utilise versatile decks where even rares and commons can still used and won’t be ‘lost’ content for fusing or nothing at all (loads of them; esp’ gen 2 dont have hybrids. At some point nobody will use it = lost content.
Maybe even awards can be attached to discourage strong players entering low leagues; common league only common and rare;… And scale dna accordingly. Legendary+ just gets more epic+ DNA. You get the idea really. Everyone can still use whatever they want; if you have something special… An additional legendary or epic you can go into a better league. Opponents get tougher but so do you. Now it is just a massive free for all; whoever has the best levels and rarity wins… Or levels lol.


So people who legitimately spend a lot of cash (or time hunting) to get a good team of legendaries and uniques would be unable to use them all?

I don’t support this idea.

They should tackle spoofers directly and ban them, not penalise all players.