Should we have a monthly log-in bonus?

This was in a different thread but was closed because some people started debating on which drone to use. SO i decided to make a poll on it.
Based on this model
Day 1-4: 3 Fip, 2kCoins, some Darts, 25 HC
Day 5: 30 Stygi
6-9: 3 Fip, 2kCoins, some Darts, 25 HC
10: 30 stygi
and so on…
End of month: 15 paramoloch
This happens for every monthly epic

Do you like the idea and structure?
  • Yes, I like the idea :smile:
  • Yes, I like how you made it :smiley:
  • No, I dont’ like the idea :frowning:
  • No, I don’t like the model :slightly_frowning_face:

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If you say no, please explain why.


Probably would be best to have the Epic DNA on days 5 and 10 to change monthly/weekly. Aside from that, great model!

Would it too much for us to be able to request certain dna at the end or beginning of each month?


How about more coins and FIP ? Dna is easy to collect now except for exclusive ofc

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Continuing from the original post. Let’s not derail it this time.


I really like this idea plus it would give people more of an incentive to come on at least once a day


Wait Stigy as in Stigimoloch the epic creature ? The one we are getting in everything?
Also although I love the Idea is 2 k coin really enough? I would say 5 k is better.

Quite a few mobile games provide daily, weekly and monthly log in rewards. I think it would be good for JWA.

how about an epic of 50 and end of month 10 dna of legendary

I will prefer coins, dna is easy to countain (excpt exclusive)

I like this and support it, but we all know what will happen.

"I couldn't log in because my phone company went offline!"

"I couldn't log in because the game wouldn't let me go past the login screen!"

"I couldn't log in because my hamster was playing Pokemon Go all day on my phone!"

"I couldn't log in because reasons!"

Happens on a lot of sites with these things.

Can anyone tell me what Fip means

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Food interact play

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