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Should we really need to leave the game to make a point?

Hello Ludia,

I have been playing this game for quite sometime now and have always been hopeful of new changes to the game in order to better the game. Hence for the same reason, I was very much excited and looking forward to the recent update. What disappointed me is the inability to change my creatures based on the new update. Don’t get me wrong, I am on board with creature changes and I do feel few creatures are OP, but I am not even talking about that.
For example, my tenonrex is level 30, boosted 12/18/0, and at the time, didn’t need the speed. Now you’ve redesigned an entire class of moves, and if I have to make changes to my tenonrex, I have to take penalty of removing maybe health or attack, then apply the speed. My frustration arises from the fact that I have to take a penalty with my boosts when the whole update to balance a class was done due to an imbalance created by your team. I feel that, with such a huge change, players must be given the opportunity to shift their boosts around without having to take a penalty so that they can take up from where they left off.
I have been playing this game since April 2019, and have managed to have about 80-90 boosts of each. I have been a VIP member except for the starting four months and though not a big spender, have made small purchases and used cash to buy boosts as well. My point of view with no boost shuffle following such an update is that you’re also devaluing those in the process.
Please consider your decision on boost shuffle because I really like this game and would hate to quit it over such a matter.