Shouldn’t Thoradolosaur be able to be used in the epic strike tower event for 1/2/22

The strike tower requires the creature to have a group attack
Thor has a group attack but is not allowed in this striketower. Is it because it is group shattering impact?

It was like that for the previous strike tower with group attack requirements to

Thank you for the report, StygidaryxFan.

We have brought this up to our team to look at.

My assumption when I saw this yesterday and the last time was they did this on purpose because most everyone has a well boosted Thor and they wanted to make it more challenging for everyone and force everyone to use another group attack creature.

I beat it with a 30 Ardentis, 27 Stegodeus and 22 Skoonasaurus. Skoona was the best at this one. I didn’t have the right high enough creature on the one account.

My Thor is level 23 with a few boosts and the other ones that I have with group attacks are level 16 or below so I was unable to win the strike tower sadly

I beat the strike tower with a 21 unboosted poukudeki.

I managed to beat this one with base Ankymoloch fairly easy.

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