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Shouldn't Cautious Strike make the dino slower?

When someone is cautious, he makes the moves slower than usual, not faster.

This also could balance a bit this attack.


(Reduce own speed 50% for 2 turns)

It does neeed balancing for sure though. A 6-in-1 move is just ridiculous. There are dinos with entire kits that don’t do as much as this one move does.


Absolutely spot on Hersh.

Totally unnecessary, and shows the sheer level of incompetence when it comes to developing as half its moves are found elsewhere on the same dinos moves!

Cleanse, increase speed for 2 turns, dodge… what a joke!

When it was first launched I thought it was way op as far as a basic move went. So did pretty much everyone else. So Ludia promptly boosted it even more!

I remember watching Pocemon on his YouTube channel and his face when he saw what they had done was a picture. He was literally like why would they do that?

Cautious doesn’t mean slower, it means more deliberate.

Cautious = “careful to avoid potential problems or dangers”

When you’re being careful, you don’t rush.

Well, some of us never rush. we just act more deliberately. :grinning:

But cautious doesn’t mean more deliberate. :rofl:

Cautious, careful, deliberate. Synonyms.

Close enough. ha ha. tears. snark.

Cautious, not haphazard. Deliberate.

It would be deliberate and with purpose to kill not to be mistaking for slow or decreased speed.

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