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Shouldn't Roar Remove Taunt?

I mean, it’s basically a 1X times attack version of Group Shattering Rampage, so why doesn’t it remove Taunt like any other Fierce ability?

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Because it only removes shields if you look at the icon you know what I am talking about

Defense shattering moves remove taunt too though, and they have the same icon as fierce. Roar is basically identical to group shattering strike, which also doesn’t say it removes taunt. The weird thing is, all other group defense shattering attacks (group shattering impact and rampage) DO remove taunt, just like all normal defense shattering attacks do. It’s a weird oversight that affects both Roar and Group Shattering Strike. I do wonder though if the moves actually do remove taunt, but they just forgot to add that to the move description. In any case, if all other defense shattering attacks remove taunt, Roar and Group Shattering Strike should too. Or at least GSS should; it would at least create a difference between these moves to justify Roar having a different name.


Hmm, if that is the case, I’d rather Roar remove Taunt, not GSS, given that Mortem can be used in some Raids like Gorgotrebex where one of the Minions Taunting affects how the rest of the strat goes.

I mean, all the other group shattering attacks do, so GSS should as well for consistency. Roar could too, and I definitely think it should, it’s just that I think GSS has a stronger case.

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