Shouldn't thor outclass tenontorex?

Just occured to me - big reason tryko got buffed was due to ludias philosophy, right? Tenontorex is made from what, commons/rares? A legendary i suppose too. But thor is made out of commons/rares/epic. Gross miscalculation? (You’ll never live that down ludia :joy:).



I mean thinking logically the only reason Thoradolo is faster than Allosino is because it lost the 15% armor. However, I’d like it get that back :joy: #BuffThor

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I still think giving Thor 15% Armor while keeping 109 speed wouldn’t be considered ridiculous. But it’s pretty clear he’s the lesser of the Big 3 Chompers in the game right now


Didn’t they also say in patch notes there would be weighting on iconic dinosaurs? are you gonna say tarbo/allosaur/sinceratops are more popular than trex???
the icon of Jurassic Park is a trex skull by the way

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Tenonto does seem a lot stronger, and is 100x easier to create and level up.

Then again, I wouldnt expect too much from the same devs that gave the best move in the game to G2 Draco…


So true these devs wouldn’t know balance if they ate it for breakfast :joy: Draco g2 should give it’s sia to dracoceratops who needs it so that it actually gets fused and used!!!


Is this based on Metahub’s list that included Brachiosaurus as an Apex? I have battled both Tenontorex and Thor, and I find Thor to be a much scarier opponent, lol.

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Its based on how Tenontorex has a much more versatile/meta-favorable kit (Superiority Strike, Distracting Impact, DS Impact & Rampage), making the only advantage Thor has over it is either Instant Charge or being higher level. Tenontorex is stronger against a wider range of dinos than Thor


At equal level, it has 300 less HP, double crit, same speed, and instant charge. Tenontorex may have an advantage over Thor when it comes to the distract and stun dinos, but saying it outclasses Thor is pretty arguable.

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Also, you use Thor, if you believe Tenontorex to be better, and more versatile, why have you and many other top players chosen Thor instead of Tenonto?

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He will be buffed soon slightly, but in the meantime check out the look on tryko’s face when he knows he is doomed🤣


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Nothing else to see here, move on fellas


Awesome yo

I use Thor because, believe it or not, Sinoceratops is a lot easier for me to come by as opposed to the amount of Tenontosaurus & Dilophosaurus Gen2 it requires to make a lofty Tenontorex ever since patch 1.5 made them much more troublesome to come by. Gathering Allosaurus & Tarbo DNA is worlds easier. Sure there’s more required, but there’s enough out there that you just got to keep darting them.

So if I was obtaining as much DNA for the ingredients needed for Tenonto as I do for Thor, I would have Tenontorex on my team instead.

That said, Thoradolosaur is still a great dinosaur and one of the best Trykosaurus counters in the game (definitely top 3). And I like the way it looks.

A5m have thor at 25 and he win me full match few times if the rival dont have the proper counter like fast dinos whit distraction skills

Fair reason for you, but there are plenty of Thor spread out through top players and not a Tenontorex in sight. What’s funny is there were Tenontorex’s on teams not long after the update, but they’ve all disappeared. Even top players who seem to have no issues obtaining DNA’s or coins have chosen Thor. I’d easily argue Thor’s harder to counter in battles.

Atm top players like @Marktheshark said he would prefer tenontorex, but thora is easily to overlevel

Thor is at the moment in many teams,on the other hand Tenonterex exist only in Dinodex and a few teams have him.This means that Thor is more approachable for many players even if it has more delicate Dinos like an epic.On the other hand Tenonterex is made by two rares and one common,which tenontosaurus is something even L2 players can’t find.And Dilo gen 2 is a park spawn only.

At the end of the day the better one should be the one that is the hardest to be required (i am looking at you Tenontorex)
And at the end of the end day the best Dino between them should be the one that i can create :stuck_out_tongue: (Tenontorex)

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Atleast from what I understand, the ingredients to build Tenonto are just harder to come by, primarily the fact that Dilo Gen2 is a nigh impossible park spawn to come by these days. It’s not worth having a Tenontorex on your team if it’s going to be the lowest level on your team. That said, I’m currently enjoy my level 26 Thor. It’s doing alright, still wish I had that 15% armor it’s parent had, but I’m hoping I can get it to level 28 after this coming weekend, should hit a nice power spike

I better get busy i guess

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