Shouldn't we get a bear?

Remember 1.13 teaser? It was clearly pointing that we are going to get a bear. But we didn’t. Teaser is removed from Twitter right now. For me, there can be only one clue: Ludia had prepared a bear for us but he’ll be added in the future (1.14 probably). This teaser was probably an future 1.14 teaser that was posted by mistake. What do you think of this situation?


That post was proven to be faked. No bear teaser by Ludia.


Really? Could you give me a link?

Dude. I honestly couldn’t even give you the name of an extinct species of bear. Not sure this will happen.

There literally is a species of extinct bear named the Short Faced Bear… I think it’s also called the Atlas Bear. But I could be wrong.

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I wouldn’t rule it out as a mis-post. I mean look at all the other typos and wrong images and names they post.

A few weeks ago we had a Jurassic World the game dinosaur name, the correct dinosaur image for the pursuit, then another dinosaur name at the bottom. Or something similar. Whenever we had Alloraptor pursuit.

Arctodus i think

Bear? That’s not a word many people are happy to hear these days.

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Someone said they came across a Cave Bear during battle, didn’t take a screenshot so I am not sure tho

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Cave bears are kinda cute!

I think it was a mispost or a typo on the teaser. Since Russians have already leaked 1.14 creatures I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bear is in the code but just not released yet.

Remember Allo2 and nasutoceratops came out without updates.


I don’t remember half these people, uh oh.

I got the bear an hour ago! It’s a night L1

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can u show us a photo?

Didn’t the Russians show it in the deleted post?

where do the Russians post these things?

WHAT is this THING with the RUSSIANS

Thats what Im wondering

Yeah, me too.

They are a bunch of data miners from Russia. They post leaks.