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Shout our to Ludia developers for fixing the arenas!

I just wanted to acknowledge the MAJOR improvements in the arenas since the patch was released a few days ago. I’ve been able to connect to the arenas regularly now without timing out. Yes, occasionally the game will crash, but it’s extremely rare, and it seems as if things are running almost 100% now.

Thank you developers and customer support for listening to our issues and fixing the bugs which I’m sure were an even bigger nightmare for you developers than it was for us gamers.

I also love the daily migrations, the events, etc.

I feel like overall, the game has improved (matching could be tweaked a bit, but it’s really overall ok).

Keep up the good work! Once again, thank you!!!


I was about to create the post to appreciate their works, but found out this tread first. so, let me join ya too!

after a maintenance on 6 May 2019, it’s a lot better.

No need to wait longer than 30 seconds to find an opponent. I can get an incubator more easier with AI match, no need to get rekted repeatly by some certain hyperspeed emerald queen aliens. seeing some certain spooky triceratops wannabe rats less than before.

This is really improve my mental health after several distress matchs up pre-maintenance.

for those who made the job done. I greatly appreciate your help :slight_smile:

The overall arena and implementation has improved dramatically so i also applaud those involved