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Shout-out to all y’all Browncoats out there – Shiny is gorram recruiting!

We’re looking for some more crooks to complete the crew. Trophies are negotiable, daily activity isn’t. We’re doing shiny in tournament (we rank among best 500), and usually we get tier 10 in ex and 8 in defense.

It would be awesome if you’re in GMT+5:30 or GMT+7, so our guys in Mumbai and Jakarta get a little more company that matches their time zone.

Sling me a message if you want to get on board. Because, you know: ours is the nicest.

Disclaimer: Rewards may vary. Daily acitivity required, joining our discord is mandatory, 10 dino take down in tournament. If you didn’t understand the references, just ask. I can talk for hours on end about Firefly.

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