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Shoutout! Well played ROBERTO ...well played


Screenshot says it all. Neck and neck into the third coin… Took me out solid match brotein


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Next arena unlocks at 1500, no?


You know that the pvp opponents are bots right?


are they?..all of them??


nah they aren’t all bots, how do you explain afk people then

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It hasn’t been 100% proven but most likely it’s a trick used to make people think that it’s a real player. I mean they did the same thing before in jurrasic world the game. And it has been proven that it uses bots


Would be pretty intelligent bots then, I’ve seen stuff like: use invincibility to block a rampage ability. Then next time they wait 1 turn and let me waste the invincibility. That’s a learning curve that I don’t see at all every match…


Yeah I don’t think it’s all bots. I’ve had some really close matches where people seem to strategize. But I’ve also had matches where they just use their weakest over and over.


Yeah, I’ve had some very clever matches that I simply can’t credit a bot for, a lot of strategic dino-swapping that made the game intense.

I’ve also had opponents in matches that were just mind-numbingly dense about the dinosaurs they were using or the ones they were fighting, like just feeding me wins. Now, those could also be human, because let’s face it, there are players playing this that couldn’t spell “strategy,” much less employ it, or they may be intentionally throwing the match as well.

But the disparity of play is so vast that I can’t help but think that the ones that give me pause because of smart moves are real players.

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Well if you ever met a player by my name it’s me.

Regarding the issue of bots it would be decent if they named them as bots. But last I heard there’s millions of players playing the game around the world, so chances are you’re not fighting a bot unless you’re in the top 500s


Well that’s a bummer they should at least let us know! I’ve been screenshottinf every game endscreen (scoreboard) so I can connect with all my opponents! Super lame they are robots! Come on JWA!!


Would love to have clarification on this. I’ve seen odd waits between actions where I swear someone is considering what to do. Also with swaps.


You can be matched against real people or a bot… after the match look at your recent opponents list… if the person you just played didnt show up it was a bot


Considering I’ve battled people who are in this very forum they’re not all bots. Some are but the bots that are in the game are pretty easy to beat.


Make love not war! :innocent: