Show me the highest DRACOCERA made of boosts! Who can swap-in 4000+ damage?


Who have boosted and gone all in on Dracocera?

Anyone having a REALLY huge powerhouse?

Anyone with A LOT of damage?

Show me your boosted DCs !

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2115 damage is max. Lvl 30,tier 10.

Maybe you are talking with crit.

My DC is very close to lvl 30 and attack is tier 6. Tier 7 would make it 2k(once lvl 30) but I don’t see the point my other creatures are used more I will boost them.

Sorry its just a mini rat.

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You right!

I change the text!



Mine is similar to yours…

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I’ve gone up against a person with lvl 30 tier 7 damage several times in the last few days. 4032 unstoppable damage with 5000+ HP to boot! #gamebreaker

EDIT: Will try to grab a screen shot as I’m sure I’ll play them again :sob:


If you can make the dino vulnerable and swap in draco, it can indeed deal 6000 dmg without crit.

I’m curious, but if someone is advanced enough to have a lvl 30 Draco boosted what dino would they have on their team that uses vulnerability attack? As far as i’m aware that attack died out, unless i’ve missed a unique or legendary that does that attack.

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You can use the rare Spinosaurus with ”Exploit Wound”.

Or the common Euoplocephalus.

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Now I’m looking into Amargocephalus. I doubt this thread was trying to give DC tips.

Found this bad boy/girl in our facebook group :smiley:


Yes I know there are dinos that exist with that ability but that was not the point I made. I clearly said that ability pretty much died out. You are hardly going to find someone advanced enough with a lvl 30 Draco fully boosted still using a Euplocephalus on their team.

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I’m holding off on T7 till I see how this all plays out. So far T6 appears to be sufficient to cause Rage Quit


Show your boosted rats*

I modestly and conservatively boosted mine to either tier 3 or tier 4. Still does damage and able to clear out a whole team.


Your rat is able to clear out whole teams? That means you’re the type that does swap in, swap out, swap in etc. Urggh.

I always reserve mine for a once swap-in only, hence why I only boosted attack and not HP or speed.

What really gets me though, even though I like the rat, is those that swap in the rat even though there is absolutely no need when they know what you’ve got left.


Do you mean there isn’t players who try to swap it in and out? Hmm that’s 100% of DC usage. That or try to save it to the end and deliver the final cheap shot blow.


I don’t try to swap-in swap-out. I see draco as being used to take out something you want gone but used as a sacrifice. It’s not 100% of DC’s usage.

Final cheap shot blow? I think you’ll find the swap-in, swap-out is the cheap part of the DC.

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I also think saving it for the final blow is cheap because everything about this dino is cheap. Including the free tricera dna we get and the super easy to get draco dna.

Anyways, after you finally take down there dodging lvl 27 indo with your lvl 23 dino. You start to feel you might win! Nope here comes a sucker punch for the win.

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Hey it is a strategy that I have adopted recently and it seems to work great. It is utilized as a punishment for when they pull theirs out