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Show me your non-meta team!

Hey folks,

I’m looking for inspiration and would like to see players who use non-meta teams.

How does your team work?
Is it well balanced?
Is it strategic?

Any good rares for the higher arenas?
Any good epics for the higher arenas?

Thanks :seedling:


Umm, does running Spinoconstrictor count?


I leveled up my suchotator to lv 20, and she’s doing well :smiley: . I also run gamma and velosrhacos. The rest isn’t really non meta.

does a friendly team count? i tend to run non metta stuff in those for fun when i can’t get them to level.
velosrhacos, edaphocevia, ankylodic, dakota, ovilophosaurus, arcanthrops, gryleken, and currently lux

I imagine lots of people run non meta creatures in friendly teams, so I think a friendly team would count. My friendly team is exactly the same as my pvp team tho, so no new suggestions from my friendly team.

I’m trying to run this, I just need more dna and some more boosts

My goal is this:

If you did the same thing but with hadros look how op it would beScreenshot_20210224-135541

Yes, but why would I do that when Edmontoguanodon is my favorite hybrid?


But you can do 8000 more two turn damage and heal 1600 more per heal and be 1000 hp tankier all those boosts in eddie hurts my eyes xD but good luck with it

I’m working on a ‘no hybrids’ team as I’ve gotten bored of ‘chasing the meta’ and only use the arena for getting my incubators now.

If we ever get another boost reset, I’ll change my no hybrids team into my main team.

I have a roster of 10 to choose from - think I’ll level up more than the 8 I need so I can keep things interesting.

Any underrated non-hyrids that I should look into adding?

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One word: Apatosaurus
In all seriousness though gorgosaurus is actually good with some speed boosts it’s essentially a cheap mortem rex

I think you have seen my team, but here is mine.


My overall goal of the team was simply to not be meta, but to counter the meta as best as possible. My other goal was to of course use creatures that look as cool as possible.

(Please don’t question my liking towards draocceratosaurus’s model :smile:)

Now here are some ways I successfully execute my seemingly non-meta creatures full potential. Starting with Stygidaryx!

Master bird, master DoTer! Stygidaryx is quite hard to learn to use, but once mastered it can easily do 55% damage over time stacking on many of your massive tanky opponents. The first thing you should always do is use SII, it is crucial to be pinned so you can stay in with lethal swoop. And quite honestly the pin doesn’t matter due to your first turn CS whenever your in a tough situation. Your always going to use RS first because being annoying and SII/CS/NE combo is extremely niche and hard to do. So do RS, now you gain absolute speed advantage. Next be logical, see a big hit coming use II, see a cleanse coming use II/RS, see a NT0 move incoming use CS. Don’t see any of that coming use lethal swoop, so you have your opponents health being reduced every turn. Next turn you have another choice. Need more DoT use CS, Need brute damage use RS, see big attack incoming use II. And that’s how you use daryx!
(I could go in depth on strategic matchups and how to use CS amazingly but I mean then I would be writing an essay lol)

Underrated at its finest! This monster of a cunning creature is surely one of the most underrated uniques in the game but it’s not, here’s why. Dracoceratosaurus isn’t just a swapper infact most of the time I don’t even swap it in. Swapping it in makes this creature extremely vulnerable and most likely will die next turn. Only swap when you have total confidence in killing it with the SIS. I like to have a calculator next to me just to make sure my percentage estimates are on point, and please be sure to check if the opponent has RR. It’s a huge cringe when a dracoceratosaurus swaps into monolorhino lol. With that out of the way let me explain how to use it on a 1/1 showdown. First off, that speed… Dracoceratosaurus needs to have at leased 5 speed boosts smashed into it. If not dracoceratosaurus is such crap it’s insane lol. So what your gonna want to start with on a 1v1 showdown is CI1, it’s gonna distract the opponent and give you way more defense than dracoceratosaurus could have ever imagined, and please if you see a distract incoming please use CI2. Once this first turn is complete your gonna be surprised on how much damage that did to your opponent, but that damage output isn’t done just yet! Next turn is interesting, here are some possible ideas of what you can do next. Use CS if you are against a DD weak fierce creature, use CI2 if you have been negatively buffed or need to do some reasonable brute damage (CI2 is more of a priority next turn than CS simply due to how much damage it can do) use Acute stun if you need to cleanse a 1 turn negative effect and you used CI2 turn 1. And then on turn 3 if not dead do what ever does most damage. This is one of my favorite creatures to use on my team, and once you get the hang of it, it will surely satisfy your need as a damage punching speedster.

Monster of damage! The Erlidominus is one of my only meta dinosaurs on my team. I won’t go into how to use it because there are many gameplay tutorials you can find on extremely great ways to use it. Here are just a few quirks I have while using it that might help you use it. Amazing started, it excels at anything that doesn’t have armor. Even non-armor resilients, it may not kill uniques but that whack first turn is sure to let your second creature in your roster finish them off. An example of this: say geminititan is your opponents starter, just go for the rampage. It’s going to kill you, but the damage is definitely worth it. Another useful tip is to always imagine cloak as a defensive move. If you are worried about a big hit coming, forget about it’s damage buff affects just use it for the dodging defense. This dodging defense saved me countless times in battle and is a nice way of thinking about the seemingly offensive move. Suggestion 3, simple yet I should say it… use DI when battling Thor first turn. It is simple yet for some reason I find many people using cloak instead which is basically just a more risky option. And finally remember that rampage is always a better starter than cloak, cloak is very situational in this meta and should not be a starter move for most match ups. That being said mastering the cloak is extremely important, so you can’t just forget it all together.

The meta wrecking monster! At first glance this hadrosaur looks like your classic healer however it’s mix of cleanse, priority damage, and priority Shields leads to a surprisingly meta countering machine. In this section I am going to be teaching you on how to counter Monolometrodon & Sarcorixis with this creature. Let’s start off with countering Monolometrodon with it. Monolo will almost definitely start off with a distracting impact, so go for a cleansing strike. You are now distracted (due to you having a priority on it) go for a cleansing strike again, so you cleanse yourself and do damage. Finally do another cleansing strike to finish it off, simple enough. But most of the time Monolometrodon will be over boosted and the fight won’t be balanced like in a friendly challenge. Let’s say the Monolometrodon gains the speed advantage due to it being overboosted in speed, not to worry just swap the final move from cleansing strike to instant charge. Say the Monolometrodon has overboosted health, paramoloch does enough damage with its strikes to knock it out even with relatively boosted health. Say damage… well if they boost damage your screwed lol. No point even trying to beat it in that match up. Let’s move on to it countering sarcorixis. Now this involves a bit more mind games and thinking to the future, but still works just the same. Go for GS first expecting a FI coming from sarco. Next go for Cleansing strike expecting a 1x attack (technically 1.5x though due to the damage buff) Next go for instant charge to remove the most likely speed reduction on you, if you don’t get the stun well then… feel free to slam your computer to the ground lol. After your IS lands go for a Cleansing strike again to finish off the mega crocodilian. And this is compatible with any boost combo with sarco except if it is faster than para. And so that’s how you use para against meta creatures.

I just realized I used an hour of my day just typing the 4 first creature, so I am going to finish my explanation for the rest of my team tonight lol. Hope this helps brighten your idea of what non-meta things you can use @Moksha


I don’t have one, but I do have a favorite creatures one. If I ever get bored of the meta, I might work on these.

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Myself, dilophoboa, titanaboa, titanaboa 2, majundaboa, ovilophosaurus, poukandactylus or poukaidei, and mortem
Don’t know how I’d do boosts but I’ll figure it out once I can level all these bois up

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I love the design of dracocera I think he looks like Lord lythronax lol

I’ve only just took out my lvl 25 suchitator, it was in my team for over 18mths, it won many pvp battles for me. Fantastic Dino

My alts team. Currently in Libary, Lux is not boosted. Next boost reset Lux and Gorgo will be replaced with Velosrhacos and Entelochops

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One creature that really works for me is Grylenken. I can easily win multiple matches 3-0

Screenshot_20210402-071528_JW Alive

I used to run this until I got a few legendaries… as long as the computer doesn’t wreck me choosing I was able to make floor 8 and could 50/50 on wins against low level legendary/unique teams.