Show off your boosted non META dinosaur!

Ok so as we have seen, most players use the boosts on their already strong uniques, which is a shame because the boosts could have been a great way to boost up dinosaurs rarely seen in the arena.
I have gone the route of bringing up one of my favourite dinosaurs/model as to add some extra fun to my matches.

I would love to see the dinosaurs you have boosted that aren’t seen often.
Btw please no uniques, everyone boosts unique ones, show us something different.

I’ll start, her is my Nodopatotitan, her name is Noodle! She is a professional Erlidom and Utahsino assassin.
If there is no tank buster on enemy team she decimates everything she sets her eyes on!
In 4 days she will have over 6600 health, more if I can level her again!


This is my Puru! Though many have underestimated her potential, she is the bane of boosted indoraptors, indoms and bleeders alike. Her instant distraction has a cooldown of 1, so it’s perfect for softening a defense shattering rampage from the mighty Thor. Long protection guards against Indominus and Utahsino. Her precise rampage helps deal with Erlidom. Plus, she cleans wounds well and the counter attack is no joke.

At level 19, she’s the runt of my team but she makes up for it with plenty of feist.


Meet Lil’ Kapro, my troll dino. I usually open with him, so either he takes out a dino and a half, or just about half the HP of a tanky dino and then I can swap him with Ankylocodon or Noodle Titan to try and finish off the tank.


I chose the one OP common they forgot to nerf: Apato.

I call her “Hotel California.” Rats can regen anytime they like, but they can never leave.

Nothing can run from the dreaded Pinning Strike and she is beefy enough to take whatever those boosted monsters can dish out. So boost away boys and girls, Old Hotel will be waiting.


But … is that a bug? 100% armor and 100% crit?


I need photoshop or a boosts hack to compete on this page


Behold my beast she won me so many rounds :smiley:




I really like this one she is the next one to be boosted.

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Oh great I’m willing to boost her too really like her but unboosted she is too weak.

Yes the purrutaurus. Mine is a baby boosted one atm :baby:




Beautiful thing

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@RyanBram @Kristen_Jackson_Roe
Purutaurus appreciation <3


Ooh Noodles sister hehe love it! Love to see the look on the other players face when they see its stats after thinking, oh a sauropod no worries haha

Keep up the good work, loving the dinosaurs! Let’s make aren various again :hugs:

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That’s the only thing u see wrong with that picture ? Lol

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Not really, but that was the first thing I saw. Then I noticed there was no way to get all that HP/attack and speed. It’s one of those “the more you look at it, the worse it gets” photos.


Like a scale when you’re on a diet for instance lol

Also wanted to point out that I’m current at 4000 rating, so 6k hp dinosaurs aren’t common to see in my bracket lol.
Half my team is level 21 in case anyone wondering why a max level player with level 26 dinosaurs is at that trophy point.

Noodle can survive Erlidom cloaked rampage crits lol

Another effect she has is confusing the enemy, as when I bring her out they take 14 seconds to pick a move, probably looking st her moveset and stats as they never face it.
A great sign f9r my chances of winning lol

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