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Show off your "Fun" team

This is more meant to inspire the newer players who most their team are “Alliance Mission Rewards”.

This is my team for a day or so. After climbing up to the top side of S.S,Arcadia with “Alliance Mission Reward” counters, it’s time for some fun and let those who I battle against see what else is out there that they may want to grow. I can afford to lose some battles now. I’m just staying in the zone.


I got my kitties, my turtle, my chicken, my rhino, my claw hammer and a couple I can’t put a name to. I hope to show off some new guys and depending how it goes, I can up level some of these.


And so I won my first battle with this team against a 16 Sinosauruas, 14 Einiosaurus, 11 Ankylosaurus and 11 Erlikosaurus. That was a fun one with a lot of swapping.

I had 13 Smilodon, 11 Scoliosaurus, 11 Pachy, and 12 Elasmothenium.

Cool team, but I thought your kink was using all level 11s. What made you want to overlevel the 2 new ones?

The new match up pushed me down into arena 2 and I wanted to at least gain 1 of each boost every day.

Also every week I was ever so slowly facing higher and higher leveled weekly mission rewards. I threw a couple level 15’s myself like their teams. I used them if they pulled something 14 or higher on me otherwise, I would stick to the lower ones.

I had a long winning streak and though it time to replace my whole team with a completely new one and all the pretty much newer dino’s also.

I tell you, Smilodon is going to be a mid level tyrant if the daily missions keeps these for a couple months.

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My fun team \ incubator \ some times main team

And some of the alternates

I can no longer use a fun team. I used to be able to drop arenas and use lesser dinos to fight, but the new matchmaking system destroys any ability to do that. I fight nothing but dinos stronger than my fun team and am then forced to fight bots which is boring. I preferred the 1.6 system by far.