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Show off your Motherload here! {--Loot pics inside--}

Ever want to just show everyone that epic sauce pack pull, or loot drop from a boss? Well now you can - here!!! Feel free to post your random screenshots of your best pulls, most joyous fortune etc!!!

Here, Ill start:

I pulled this today from the Bard 2 for 1 Legendary pack!!!

The Periscope was the #1 need on my missing list AND as a bonus, I got my Boris up to lv2 ! Sweet Jesus Bard is hardcore now :slight_smile:

(We did this for months on discord, so thought we would continue the tradition here)!!

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Owooo… That Psychic Scream Looks Nasty!!! Hubby’s Got That Legendary, Too Bad For Him Cuz He Can’t Use It Yet! LOL

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