Show-Off your new 2.4 creatures here!

Even if there are only 5 creatures being released in this patch that doesn’t mean you can’t show them off! I am planning on unlocking Ankylodicurus first.


i have to see what the dilo and oviraptor hybrid looks like. i keep imagining a cockatrice and it’s just too funny.


That would be amazing, and I would be 101% ok with that


So… they (the non hybrid one ) are not short range spawn right ?

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It wasn’t specified. We don’t know what, if any, are exclusive, short range, park, global, or local. Sometimes they tell us and sometimes they don’t.


I was going to do this post, but they anticipated you.

The appearance of the new creatures of update 2.4, image taken from the Facebook Group Jurassic World Alive Hunters


There will be 5 updates this year lol 54 weeks and every update lasts 10 weeks

are those the true colors of the new hybrids? If they are: gosh dang it I always love to see what they look like the first time when I unlock them!!!(if that’s understandable)
if they are not: phew
either way, they look great


4 Cunning 1 restint don’t know how spell it lol

The only one I’ll be able to unlock is Ankylodicurus.

My fear is that the movements of the OVIRAPTOR will be the same as those of GALIMIMUS :cold_sweat:


Lads, so does anyone know when they may have started maintenance and how long it takes so I can figure out when it finally ends and I can update the game? Any info would be helpful

In the Ludia headquarters it was 09:07

In Italy it was 3:07 pm

where is ludia headquarters?

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Or at leased that’s what the Ludia website says.

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Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

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If you search on Google, Ludia, you will find it

4 out of 5 new dinos are cunning. We all know how cunning holds up in the current meta. Hopefully this is a precursor that means cunning will finally be viable again soon.

Ovil looks great with the bright yellow frill. I hope that’s what it actually looks like.