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Show off your new 2.6 creatures here!

Maybe 2.7 mmmmmmm

This might have been flaged cuz spoiler or something but the alberto looks like gorgo from jwtg, compys look like pics from jp, argy looks like haast, dodo i belive was even confirmed as an april fools boss

Android :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

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Eyyy, I can update now
I’m on android btw

Not as “wow” as the last one to me but I still love it none the less


Did anyone get the continental creatures or tsintaosaurus yet? The only new creature I have is andrewtodon

There is a new dinosaur that will appear on Wednesdays that was not in the update notes.


Sauce? O.0

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Do you know what type of dinosaur?

Where did you find that?

123 speed LOL


That stings… looks like I won’t use it

I still only have 3 supply drops, and one’s at the edge of my map, so happy :disappointed_relieved:

I’ve got 1 in my circle, that’s it

Andrewtodon kind of looks like Gythornax from JWTG, or am I the only one.

I also have that I is leval 15 and now I am poor.

None found yet, other than the hybrid.

I’ve found several of both Stegoceras and Tsintaosaurus but the second maintenance started before I actually unlocked them.


Aaaaaaand unlocked!


Looks like some new badges were added.

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