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Show off your park!

Ok guys, so I came up with this thread for some of us to share our parks and the way they look.


unfortunately most peoples parks are probably setup to maximize coins so the variety and unique style designs are probably lacking.

If i play long enough I hope that i can eventually forgo the useful route and re arrange my park purely for aesthetics.


We’ve had a few similar threads in the past, always interesting to see what different people like to do with their parks. Yours has a very “real park” look to it, kind of sad we don’t have little people walking around to really make it shine.

Mine is a pretty standard layout built for maximum coin production with rows of paddocks separated by double rows of clock towers and Hammond statues and not a road to be seen anywhere. :slight_smile: So I really appreciate the aesthetics of doing a park layout like this.


Here’s one of those previous threads.

Thanks! I would love to see little people walking around, or even a minimum"guest happiness" or something.

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Thanks, now I get the maximum coin distribution. Also, where do you buy the clock tower? Looks like a nice decoration.

It’s only available to VIPs. Via LPs in the TH (or DBs if you are so inclined to pay for them), in the lottery, or with custom trades (which I have terrible luck with, have never managed to get one this way).

Anyone can get the clock tower from time to time in the LP decoration pack.

It is about 4K LP?

It rotates like the 20K LP VIP pack does.

That’s an awful lot to spend on a clock tower. I think in the TH it’s usually around 1K per tower.

This is my only “park” like area. An Island Sorna spot I dropped the Gen2 critters in.

I agree, but if you aren’t a VIP, choices are limited.

True, but given how much harder the points are to get, they likely are much better spent on VIP creatures than a decoration.

But yeah, if you aren’t a VIP, that’s the only way to get them.

What is the eagle like decoration you have? I like this little setup!


Ohhh that raptor decoration looks absolutely amazing!!


It’s the Haast Statue. It hasn’t been offered much. I thought it was cool so I bought it for maybe 5 USD a while back.


It is very cool and has nice stats. It’s the only thing I paid real money for other than VIP membership.


Unrelated to the game, I was always a bit fascinated by the Haast’s Eagle after reading about the bird when I was on the South Island of New Zealand a while back. So of course when the game had it as a statue I couldn’t resist.

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Well it seems I’m going to need to keep an eye out for the next opportunity to get one!

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Took like 4 years before I decided to spend money on anything in game including VIP… so must have missed this opportunity. Won’t do it again cause it definitely looks pretty cool!


I can see that. When I think about spending money for the time I spend enjoying the game, throwing a few bucks at Ludia here and there seems reasonable.