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Show us sanctuary FIP stats per dino

Right now sanctuary management is a lot like alliance management- way too hard and convoluted unless you have 50 of the most dedicated players (or 50 of the most relaxed players).

What seems to me to be a very easy way to help make sure the proper dinos are put into sanctuaries is to simply show us the numbers- how many times was each dino FIPed with. That is a real quick way to see whats most in demand so we can make sure we keep our sanctuaries full of the most FIPed dinos.

Also, if we share it for the first time, let us name it. Or nickname it. Anything other than “Yeah that level 7 sanc with the 20 blue in it. FIP that one first.”

And while I’m at it give us a toggle so we can decide whether to share with the alliance or not. Believe it or not sharing isn’t always good. Sometimes the needs of the few dont line up with the needs of the many - and it’d be nice to have a sanc you can toss stuff in without messing up all the hard work your alliance leader and your partner alliances have put in to level the dang thing. Why does this happen? See my first request again - managing them is confusing and a pain.



I love ALL of this! As I am currently in a discord with 4 other alliances trying to coordinate placement by the minute haha. I love the idea of seeing what is being FIP. Often we get requests for a certain dino but it could be a few loud voices wanting it instead of the what the silent masses need. I love the ability to get a sanc to a high level and DNA we get in return is amazing (At least 2 levels of my Magna are thanks to Sancs). But like alliance leader tools, we need more sanc tools to be able to use them to the best of their abilities.


Thank you :grin::grin: I couldn’t agree more!!

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