Showcase creatures confusion? Advice needed

Hi, in the news this weeks showcase shows T-Rex and Secodontosaurus (Secondontosaurus as per the JWA facebook post) but in the market it shows Alanqa, is that just a general place holder or do I get increased chances of T-Rex and Secodontosaurus DNA if I purchase the epic incubators on sale?

Or on the other hand…should I just skip those and buy the premium capsule seeing as I am a VIP member? OR should I just hang onto my cash to see if the market place has better sales around Christmas? What to do what to do…I’ve only been playing for 3 weeks now so no idea what to expect, I saw about 2 weeks ago they sold legendary incubators so maybe they’ll do something epic like that for a Christmas event? What did they do last year?

This week’s showcase epics are Trex and Secodontosaurus, the Alanqa epic incubator is a whole different incubator that grants Alanqa and Pteranodon.

Im not sure if the premium incubator is worth. And I don’t believe JWA was around last Christmas so this might be it’s first Christmas. I could be wrong though. Imo you should either save it for Christmas or buy coins.

Ludia always says - the picture on the can does NOT indicate what is inside.

I would never count on increased chances of anything, even if Ludia says so.

EDIT - the game wasn’t around last christmas.

Well if you read the in game news then it shows the 2 dinos I mentioned and below that it says to ‘get the showcase incubator for a chance at each of this week’s featured dinosaurs’…on the other hand the facebook/twitter post shows that T-Rex and Secondontosaurus is for Saturday, now it’s 2:30am in my country but maybe I need to wait for it to become Saturday somewhere else first? Lol

Oh ok…in that case do you think I should just buy the premium incubators as they give more bang for buck? Or wait the next week and a bit to see what Christmas has to offer?

If I were you and willing to pay some real money (which I did quite a bit of when I started) I would save up for the one-time-offers when you level up. Those tend to be the best deals in terms of cash and coins, and the DNA is sometimes very useful, sometimes not… that being said, after I bought the one-time-offer, I would sometimes use my in game cash for the epic incubators.

I always thought of the DNA as a nice head start on some dinos, but as you progress you will find that the cash and coins are going to be the most valuable.

Also, I would wait to see if they do a Christmas deal. If they do a good one, I may bite on it.

Well cash and coins are specifically for buying incubators and levelling up dinos right? I mean what else…? So it kinda boils down to the same thing. I spent some cash at the start to catch up to my friends which is why I’m lvl 11 now, that being said nowadays I spend real cash when I level up and when I enter a new arena bracket…and I buy specials like the Rare Scare special running now because that makes financial sense (basically the real money price is = to the in game cash you get in the incubator so the value comes in with the bonus coins and DNA that you get) …but yeah you might be right about rather saving the money to see if there are any Christmas deals…cuz I’d hate to miss out on that if it happens and the whole point of going VIP and buying only the incubators/specials I mentioned is to help me keep my spending in check. lol