Showcase Incubator Ludia scam


Last week and this week’s showcase incubator both show Kaprosuchus and both weeks after purchasing I did not get not even 1 DNA for this, come on guys!! That’s the only reason I clicked for purchase! If you don’t intend to have the DNA for gosh sakes don’t show the dino. That’s super misleading.


i did get kapro dna in that incubator


Argh! I bought 2 incubator last week & 1 this week and Nothing!


That’s the norm for the showcase incubators.There’s a slim chance to get the particular showcase, but it’s not guaranteed, as you found out.

Best of luck and hope you find some Kapros!


RNG my friend and loot boxes.


It’s just a cover picture. Read the description and you’ll understand what you might get out of the incubator.


I have been playing this game since prerelease…And bought lots of these… not worth it at all… Actually the only things that are worth paying for are Level up Incubators (One Time Offers) and Arena Level up incubators. Or very specialised ones, like 500 T-Rex or 200 Legendary ones… The rest are moot…


i had to buy all 4 to get kaprusuchus on the last one. i got all 6 of the incubators with indoraptor on the front and got 0 indorpator DNA. that felt like a scam. was not expecting to unlock indoraptor, but at least like 5ish DNA per incubator. learned my lesson.

i thought companies had to disclose odds now to comply with app store/google play rules. guess not for these.


Wow thanks for mansplaining Colin. I understand it’s not guaranteed however they can break up the DNA a little better as it’s clearly an inducement to purchase.


Ok, thanks for the info…I was hesitant to keep trying but at least I know others have had diff outcomes


Sigh, I don’t know how to do any of that. This is the first game I’ve gotten hooked on normally I can’t get into it at all


If you understand it then why are you complaining. It’s hardly misleading.