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Shower idea to resolve speed ties


So instead of whoever hits the button first, what about a possession arrow like they have in basketball? The first tie-break could be determined in some manner (first to press/randomly/whatever) but from then on all subsequent ties alternate. Would make the battles much more fair for those who constantly lose out on the speed races.


maybe incorporate your idea with mine. my idea was to have home vs visitor teams once you are paired with someone. so like default teams. team raptor vs team rex or whatever. then the home team goes first on first encounter and visitor on next.


I came to this thread half expecting to read about an idea that involved a shower.


Sorry to disappoint! This better??


Omg that is just perfect hahahaha


I came up with a different solution thats a hybrid of real time and turn based battling.
Flip a coin at the start of the match to see who gets priority ALL MATCH LONG.

let me explain:
Turns will be resolved as they are now, except with exact speed ties, the one winning the coinflip állways has priority.
This way, you can still outplay someone with tactics and claim priority with slow f.e., knowing up front how turns will flow.

Imagine a green chicken battle, player A can risk B to go distracting to counter rampage turn 2 and use that himself, but B might also pick superiority.
Either way, battles can go multiple ways in stead of 1 person being first on turn 2 and rekking your team after.
And lets be honest, this will allways be the same person, since they have faster phones, better connection or live closer to ludia.

Please fire away on this, I want everything covered before I send it to the suggestions page ^^


I suggest we mess up the action button on speed tie. You can be fast to pick an action but it may not be the action you want.


Lol same here tea!!!


I guess I just don’t see how that is any different than the system we have now. Right now the system favors the player with the faster connection, the only difference I see with what you’re proposing is that whoever wins the coinflip has the full allotment of time to decide what move to play. As long as you’re the winner of the flip, this is great, however I suspect this forum would fill up with “Stupid coinflip RNG screwed me AGAIN!!!” posts faster than, well your connection to Ludia. I also think whoever loses the coinflip would just rage quit right then and there since they know they have to fight from behind the entire match.

What I’m proposing allows for the full allotment of time, but by alternating players, it’s fair for both parties throughout the match. By knowing whether you’re going to go first or second (and having your full allotment of time) you can still try to outwit your opponent, as in your chicken example. This way, not only are there 50/50 odds that you’ll be first on turn two, there is equality that your opponent gets to go first the turn before/after you (assuming you live).


If thsts how you feel, then I feel like you havent read my post :sweat_smile:


I’d like to settle the speed using creature level, then player level, then amount of DNA you have for that creature.

If highly unlikely event you even have the same amount of DNA then you can do the clickbonanza as before…

So if you want speed priority: Get more DNA. (= play more)