Showing some support to the female characters! (And saying hi, of course!)

Hi there!

So I’m a new player, playing from Spain! I started playing on friday and already enjoying the game a lot, at first I got a bit surprised that you couldn’t chose your gender preferences, but got it, you can match with everyone you fancy, that’s kind of alright.

After playing for a couple days I looked up for the forums to try and understand the mechanics a little bit, and got extremely surprised at the short amount of love female characters are getting. I know, “most” players are probably straight women so I get it, even though, as a gay woman, I felt the need to show these females some love and let Ludia know that some of us actually enjoy matching with girls, so keep them coming!


Hell yeah! I hope more of the female characters get updated and more get added. I use the guys for diamond mines, to be honest.


You’re not alone, we/I have discussed this alot here. We have to accept that the majority of players are a certain demographic and that the male characters are very popular. It seems the bad boys and the daddies are the most popular. Neither of which interest me in the slightest.

But you can match with the boys and use them to mine diamonds. However, it then makes the game a bit of a grind because you are playing storylines that don’t interest you, with characters you aren’t attracted to.

That said, I have enjoyed Tiros the centaur (it amused me greatly), William the vampire and Antoine the musher. I don’t know why Antoine grabbed me, maybe I just like huskies :laughing:. OK… I REALLY like huskies :rofl::rofl:.

It’s worth checking the Lovelink Fandom page to check all the characters and their counterparts to make sure you connect with the right matches. For example, I’d have been really vexed if I had matched with Angel only to find that Emmalyn was her counterpart and I was then unable to match with her.

Do let us know who your favourite characters and stories are.


I love how we’re seemingly the only ones who actually are genuinely interested in and care about the female characters as far as active forum members go. :joy: Oh well, at least we’re here to support them even if it’s mostly just the two of us so far.

I’ve been playing the female storylines just because I was curious to see how they would play out. :woman_shrugging: If not at least I’m using them to gain diamonds for a few of my favorite characters.

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I think the guys also have more classic storylines which makes them more relateable/likeable for the broader audience, I guess. But there def needs to be more love for the female characters!
Honestly, Angel/Emelyn’s last update made her one of the matches I truly enjoy now (ecoactivism dates are now on my bucket list :'D)
Apart from Jade/Evelin, the other girls developed weirdly in my opinion. Like the concept of Samantha or Grace intruges me, but the execution turned me off a bit. Still fingers crossed for the future storyline tho!!

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The thing that gets me is that most of the guys are interesting, in that they are a doctor, or an FBI agent, or an adventurer or a soldier, etc.

The girls are mostly influencers, or models and the like.

I really liked the most recent update for Grace as it’s shown real character development. But it’s obvious that now she’s just going to let her new flat mate manipulate and control her, like everyone else.

I said this before but why can’t we have a Lara Croft type character or a baddass female cop or PI with an exciting storyline to get our teeth into?

I notice that one of the new girls without a story says she has FBI clearance, so that sounds intriguing. Hopefully she’s not just a counterpart for an existing story.