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Shrink Local Zones to 1/4 the Size


Local zones need to be shrunk from 2 miles square down to 1 mile square.

So an average person can walk to other zones.
So people who live in small country towns have the ability to also get dinosaurs from more than one or two zones.
So those out in the country could walk down the road a shorts ways to get to another zone with other spawns.

Where does this come from:
Visiting my mother in my small home town out in farm country, 3/4 of the 1 mile wide, 1.5 mile long town was Local 1. If it isn’t bad enough that I’m curse to both live and work in a local 1 zone, I go and visit my mom 350 miles away who just happens to live in local 1 also.

If the zones were 1 mile square instead of 2, small town could have access to all 4 locals by just going for a moderated walk.
As it is now, if you live in the country or in a small town, your advancement in this game is very much limited. For a game that is much for kids, zones as large as they are is a huge draw back. 1 mile square zones would be more fun and make more dinosaurs accessible.

My personal location has me having to go 2 miles south to hit a local 4, east and west 1 mile to get to local 3. I can walk 10 minutes north to get to local 2. You practically have to have a car to really progress well in this game.

If shrinking zones is impossible at this point, complete zone rotations could really help things if they happened every 3 to 4 weeks so those who live out in the sticks could grow dinos whose components are from two different zones.


I know the feeling. I live in a relatively large town in mid Wales and it is ALL L2. I know where the other zones are but like you say they are a) a long walk away b) being Wales over a large hill

You can’t just go out for 15-20 minutes and go between zones


I’d love L1 or 2. I live and often work in L4. Incredibly tedious. It’s so disappointing to travel somewhere new only to discover that it, too, is L4.

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Except this would really suck for people who are trying to hunt a specific zone while in a vehicle. Unless in a city with lots of roads, it’s tough to be able to keep hunting with a scent going while staying within the same zone as it is.

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I’m hoping either the daily migration system of 1.7 has a few creatures a day. Or it’s popular with players and gets more use in the future.

I don’t think there is a way to fix zones to be fair.


Zones aren’t the same. I have all zones in walking distance, not more than 15 minutes. There is a part of city that is all l2.


Ever think you might live in the corner of 4 zones? They seem to be at least a few miles wide.
Most of my town is L1, where I work, 5 miles away is L3 and the nearest city is 5 miles away, L2
No idea where my L4 is, but no borders to the next local are within walking distance of my home or work


Definitely not a corner of zones. Neither of these zones is so huge as l2 that takes whole part of the town on other side of the river. All 4 zones together are barely big enough to be compared to that l2.


My town doesn’t have a zone 1. Where I live is 3, where I work is 4 and the rest of the town is a 2.


My zones are definitely not square either…

I have a “strip” of l3 that runs through my home l1… its affects 3 stops on 3 roads that run adjacent to each other…

My l1 is definitely more retangular shaped as well… much longer e-w then n-s

And i have an l2 that goes on for like 8 miles now its likely when you see a zone like that its multiple of the same zone stuck together.


I’m not sure how irregular shaped zones would be easier to program, compared to something that already exists, and is regularly shaped.
Then again, we are talking about Ludia.


Pre-existing, open source zones, this is what Pokemon go uses.

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Didn’t they say the new migration means that there will be no zones anymore ?

Just checked, they didn’t say that. But I was hoping that would completely change the way of darting…guess I’m hoping for too much.

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Look at thread How big is a zone?

Like halfway through @giardinoni posts a map that shows the kind of irregular shapes these zones can have and this is very similar to the zones around me are. Especially that kind of step pattern around the boarders.

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If the rotation schedule is a good one would we want to really have to relearn new zones if cell sized? I’m just asking to see the general opinion but for what it’s worth, I wouldn’t.


They don’t have to program anything. They simply use Google maps. Zone boundaries are roads and streets, hence the irregular pattern.

Some cities were built in a way that most streets are straight lines crossing with each other. That’s why some people think that Ludia uses squares to draw zones. It’s just the city planning, thought.

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It’s like groundhog day.
Just because some random dude draws a map on the internet, it must be true.

Ignore that they would have to program, draw out, that the zone near you should travel down this road, turn left on main…to the old tree stump by the river, then follow the river.

Yeah, that makes more sense than using an existing, open source program that is easily integrated into the game.

Let’s not use consistent shapes that can fill a spherical surface, let’s use random roads and stuff…because you don’t need to actually define that…

But again, we’re talking about Ludia. It’s crazy enough that it’s probably true.


So, I live near some pretty remote wilderness. Very few roads. 6 million acres of mountains.
JWA works here, and there are different zones.
Please explain.
I’ll wait.

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I don’t have a problem with the zones personally. I think the daily migrations will help out here.

Honestly each zone has a dino of use and a dino everyone doesn’t like imo. I live l3. You think I like using my scents to get diplocaulus even know there is already 3 in my 150 meters lol. Not sure but I think daily migrations if done right will help each area have something of interest.


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