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SIA nullify a liability


This is another useless SIA. It sounds good in paper but really, does nothing. Most, if not all, dinos who use cloak / evasive/ positive effects in preparation for a big hit. When SIA nullify comes in, yes it will nullify the cloak / evasive/ positive effects but still it will end up taking high damage ( and die ) without doing anything. :slightly_frowning_face:

My suggestion is make it SIA nullifying strike. It will still die most of the time with the incoming big hit but at least it will do some damage too. What do you think guys .


Agreed. It doesn’t really make sense as it is right now, making it a nullifying strike seems like the right change. :slight_smile:


100% agree. Even ready-to-crush with no damage still better than this SIA. If so OP to give this SIA 1x damage, at least give it 0.5 damage


I agree 100%. How it is currently the sia nullify will only set you up to die. Really is pointless to even use. Swap into Indo and catch a dsr. Or erli rampage. Definitely will not be used by me. Maybe the other hybrid that receives this ability will have enough hp to withstand these big hits. But I doubt it will he faster then the current. So still will be useless


Yes it’s totally useless atm. The only way to not miss a turn it’s to guess when the opponent is going to use its cloak/stance. Better to swap in a dsr dino to do ton of damage…

They could either make it become a nullifying strike or negate the attack too. This way you could remove a cloak or stance and deny a huge attack (or just reduce it by 75% for example)

The problem with sia is the level difference between them. It ranges from dsr which is a crazy super high damage move (100%) to useless moves like this one or even the swap in stun (seriously? Only 66% chance to stun? So in 1/3 battles you just wasted a turn and probably a Dino??)


This is the problem when evrytime new dinos release, when we dont have a proper profesional game tester in Ludia. Miscalculation, accidental useless ability creation, underpower new uniques, mindboggling dino stats & numbers.

This problem cannot be solved by hiring high degree technician or game designer or IT game engineers or whatever that create this game. But instead Ludia need a hardcore person that really involve and “play” this game so that can give feedback wether any new creation is good or not or OP or underpowered etc, before final release.

-Monomi first OP miscalculation,
-Tryko first released underpower, mislook on ingredients.
-D2 debate.
-Magna regrets and rebuff after 100 years later
-?? undercalculate strength of 2x new flyer uniques
…all these syndromes will keep cont, and i can bet even in 1.7


Its not OP at all its a 1 x damage and whe have 2 dumb dinos with 2x shatering rampage remenber?

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It’s not just for cloaks and evasive moves, it should also be nullifying the damage boost abilities.

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yea, not only that @Colin_Goodman , in fact can remove 50% shield and invinc shield too… but again, is this SIA worth it to do all that without dealing any damage? thats the discussion and for opinion/input here.


If it was on good counter attackers or tanks, it could be useful - maybe it would be a good addition to dio to give it a little more utility than it currently has.

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that’s why I mentioned there positive effects, which includes boosts and shields …


I agree. Since we can’t even test Skoolaid yet all we have is Promimus’s example, and that frail dude can not afford to swap in to nullify an Indo/I-Rex or even a gorgosuchus right now. Way too risky and meaningless if it deals no damage on entry. Just 1X is all it needs and it’ll be a nice and useful SIA


Yes, totally true…
Swap in Nullify is the only SIA must been redesign and activate later than opponent’s first move
So it can really remove opponent’s buff on correct moment.

Or it must be “swap in shield+nullify”…now if you use SI nullify, that Procerathomimus will directly been killed.


SIA nullify + Shield is also good idea .


Agree with you. This ability sounds more of a gimmick and joke. To cope with cloak, you have sia invincibility and even better when enemies waste their rampage. You only be useful when enemy’s on evasive stance, and that costs you a hit after swapping in, not really worthy. Normally, as long as the enemy doesn’t dodge like Jackie Chan, you still can take it out using common measure.
One last thing, since SIA DSR has gone way too abusive, there’s absolutely no reason I can see why SIA nullifying strike can’t be implemented.

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With talk about this ability it made me think of the shield advantage move.

What if it was changed to be like that? Swap in evasive advantage or something like that. Nullify and become evasive for 1 turn. Give you a 50% chance of dodging that big attack they are prepping.


I like that too! SIA nullify + evasive (75%):grinning:

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SI nullify + evasive really suitable for Procerathomimus.:+1:
Also Skoola can take a SI nullify + shield, consider the SI shield of scolo.

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yeah it;s only useful for super specific scenarios, like a low HP tryostronix with RTC/FS active that would kill your proceratomimus with it active. nullify it, survive and then you get the first attack and take it out next turn. other than that :man_shrugging:


Swap in nullify can work if you dino with this ability is already at low hp. For instance, if your proceratomimus has only a few hundred hp left but you swap it out previously, you can swap it back in, nullify an indo, take a huge hit on by this heavily wounded dino, and help the next dino you send in such as green chicken. It’s a very good move in this case, but I agree this type of usage is a bit niche.